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4 Points You Must Know About Press Brake Machine

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When you choose the suitable press brake machine, the below points are important for you.

How to Choose The Most Suitable Press Brake Machine

  • Feeding method

At present, there are two main types of feeding in the bending center. One is the suction cup feeding. The vacuum adsorption plate is drawn through the negative pressure pump. This requires a smooth and flat surface of the board to ensure that the workpiece will not be misplaced during the process of feeding and rotation.

CNC Bending Center
CNC Bending Center

The other is pressure-type feeding. Through the upper and lower paws clamping the workpiece, this method does not require the surface of the board to be smooth and flat. There are pores, surface indentation, or a more complicated line of workpieces. It is enough, but the suction cup cannot be used. The pressing claws are generally smaller and can adapt to smaller workpieces.

The suction cup-type device is very different from the pressure of the supplementary arm, and there is a big difference in price. If the suction cup-type device can meet the needs, then the suction cup can be used.

  • The size of the workpiece development

Compared with 2.5 meters of equipment, a 1-meter device is still very different. The biggest advantage of the bending center is mass production. When choosing a bending center, the best reference is the workpiece of the workpiece that needs to be produced in batches to expand the size of the material.

Bending Sequence
Bending Sequence
  • Workpiece thickness

When choosing a bending machine, the customer needs to determine whether it is standard or customized according to the thickness of the workpiece. The thickness of the standard model is 2.0mm. It can reach 3.0mm.

Sheet Thickness
Sheet Thickness
  • Bending shape

Why is the bending center of the universal mold customized? It is because when our lower folding knife folds up the last folding edge, the slope of the press knife will collide with our workpiece. So that the last folding edge will be less than 90 degrees. In this case, you need to customize the knife according to the process of the workpiece, and cut off the collision part appropriately, so that you can be bent.

There are many types of tool customization types. The main analysis is mainly based on the specific bending process of the workpiece. The tools are independently developed and produced, so they can be very flexible for customers to make customized services.

Bending Shape
Bending Shape

How to Choose Robert Arm and Sheet Follower For Press Brake Machine

The main function of the bending machine is to bend the metal plate into a semi-finished product with a certain shape. By replacing the mold and multiple bending processes, the relatively complex cross-section shape is obtained.

The mainstream automatic bending scheme on the market is now the combination of robotic hands and bending machines or the combination of automatic fast clamps and molds. This combination method applies to most large quantities of production. The frequency of mold replacement is small. After the mold is installed, the robot is clamped or the metal plate is processed.

However, when the product is a small number of multiple batches, the mold replacement is frequent, the manual replacement of the mold is time-consuming, and it is difficult to meet the efficient and high-quality needs. At this time, bending the follow-up car is a good choice.

  • The advantage of bending robot
  1. It can realize the flexible combination of multiple CNC machine tools, automatic feeding, and workpiece with multiple degrees of freedom to meet the difficult production process requirements.
  2. It can be configured with industrial CCD visual detection to achieve a free grasp of complex workpieces.
  3. It can achieve a large amount of single-work and continuous production, and can automatically convert the production of small-batch programs.
  4. High tone, communicate with other devices such as CNC machine tools, PLC, external sensors, etc., and control the orderly and reliable order control through programming.
  5. Multi-functional: high-performance anti-collision, product detection, external shaft, palletizing, and other optional functions.
  6. It can easily realize the layout of multi-connected automation production flow lines and “digital” factories, saving manpower to the greatest extent, and enhancing the technical image of factory production.
CNC Bending Robert Arm
CNC Bending Robert Arm
  • The advantage of the follower pallet car
  1. Save manual;
  2. Improve the efficiency of machine tool processing;
  3. The following device and board bending action are completely synchronized;
  4. Suitable for bending machines that match various brand models;
  5. The independent control system does not need to modify the bending machine, no need to get any signals from the bending electrical box, avoid unnecessary disputes with customers;
  6. Can be used at any time to match the bending machine.

This method can be used in multiple varieties and size production. The advantages of large workpieces and thick plate bending are obvious. Reduce the auxiliary of bending, reduce labor intensity, and have strong flexibility. A follow-up vehicle can be used with multiple bending machines, and the investment cost is relatively low. The disadvantage is that manually need to cooperate with the feeding operation to fully realize automated production.

Sheet Follower
Sheet Follower

Press Brake Tooling Clamping System

The importance of bending mold and compensation systems for bending accuracy is undoubted, but many people in the industry have less awareness of the bending mold clamping system. Let’s talk about the bending mold clamping system to see how it liberates artificially. Make bend more accurate and efficient.

Before sheet metal bending, sheet metal parts may have passed through multiple production processes, such as stamping, cutting, and removal of burrs cost.

  • Manual clamping system

The manual clamping system is a bending machine with an effective, economical, economical, and used to replace the mold without frequent replacement of molds. Manual clamping mold is the most basic and time-consuming method. It needs to be bent to operate the manual lock every splint.

The independent splint cannot automatically form a complete clamping line when locking one by one. The clamping force of each mold is not uniform. The mold cannot immediately be in the middle. It requires time to debug and depends on experienced operators.

Manual Clamping
Manual Clamping
  • Automatic clamping system

The automatic clamping system of the press brake machine is suitable for frequent and fast-moving bending fixtures. Based on the concept of “single-point operation”, the automatic clamping system only needs to achieve the process of clamping and looseness through one button and eliminate a tedious manual locking experience.

The power source of the automatic clamping system is electricity, hydraulic and pneumatic.

The most basic automatic clamping system is composed of many segmented independent clamping plates and power cylinders. The power cylinder is driven by the above power source. Although this clamping system avoids time-consuming manual locking, since the clamping plates are still segmented and independent, the problem of mold positioning accuracy still exists.

WILA Hydraulic Clamping
WILA Hydraulic Clamping

How to Adjust CNC Press Brake Machine Bending Error

The first step of the inspection is whether the mold used by the bending machine is worn or damaged. If this phenomenon causes errors, the mold can be replaced.

In the process of checking the CNC press brake machine, if no damage is found, the parallelism of the slider and the workbench should be checked. If the parallelism cannot meet the requirements of the use, adjustments can be made according to the requirements of the relevant standards to keep the parallel degree within the allowable range.

If there is still a certain error in the angle of the bending workpiece, it may not be due to the problem of mold or parallelism. It may be caused by the balance mechanism in the hydraulic system in the machine tool that does not guarantee that the pressure oil is uniformly entered the left and right oil cylinders, and it needs to be adjusted.

Bending Angel
Bending Angel

At this time, adjust the working method of the bending machine to the dynamic adjustment state, and then remove the mold or other accessories in the machine to keep the slider stay on the mechanical block, and then adjust the pressure gauge to the required pressure value.

The specific method is to compress the head of the percentage meter in the bending machine for 3-4mm and step on the system to boost the system. When the press brake machine is boosted or the system is discharged, check the offset of the percentage clockwise. If the specified value is reached, the operation can be stopped. Of course, in addition to the above methods, it is also necessary to emphasize that the bending machine must be well maintained in order to give full play to its advantage.

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