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7 Knowledge Points You Should Know About CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake

How to Adjust Bending Error of CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake when it is working, there may be some bending errors. At this time, you need to check carefully to find the cause of the error and solve the fault. In the first step, we need to check whether the mold is worn or not. If it is, we need to replace a mold.

If the mold is not damaged, check the parallelism of the slider and the worktable. If these two cannot meet the standard, they need to be adjusted. Yes, they are within the allowable technical standard.

If there is no problem with the appeal, but the bending error of the CNC press brake still exists, it is not the cause of the mold or the parallelism. It may be that the balance structure in the CNC bending machine system does not ensure that the pressure oil evenly enters the left and right cylinders. Need to be adjusted.

In this case, the operating mode of the CNC press brake needs to be adjusted to the “jog” state. Then remove the mold or other accessories, let the slider stay on the mechanical stop, and then adjust the pressure gauge to the required pressure value.

Compress the head of the dial indicator of the CNC press brake by 3-4mm, step on the pedal to increase the system pressure, and check the cheapness of the dial indicator needle when the system is boosted or discharged, and stop if it reaches the specified value.

CNC Press Brake Machine
CNC Press Brake Machine

Factors Affect Press Brake Production Quality

In order to achieve a better application effect during the use of CNC bending machines, the staff needs to understand the installation and use skills of the equipment. For example, during the use of CNC bending equipment, the application of the mold is very critical, and the mold directly affects the product. The quality of production and processing, so when using CNC bending equipment, it is important to pay attention to whether the mold meets the applicable standards.

In addition, most of the mold materials used in CNC bending machines are relatively uniform, and whether the selection of mold materials is reasonable is directly related to the processing and production effects of the product. These are not to be ignored in the process of installing and using CNC bending equipment. The problem. When selecting equipment for processing and production, the strength and toughness of the mold cannot be ignored, and it must achieve a certain wear resistance effect. So that the processing quality of the product can be improved. These are the matters to be paid attention to during the use of CNC bending equipment.

Nowadays, there are more and more places to install and use CNC bending machines. During the use of equipment for processing, environmental factors also directly affect the progress of processing and production operations. Therefore, the temperature in the environment must be within the specified standards to ensure CNC Application efficiency of bending equipment.

CNC Bending Process
CNC Bending Process

Press Brake Machine Installation And Debugging Process

  • Machine Adjustment

Before installation, you must first adjust the performance of the machine. This process must be carried out patiently and carefully. Check whether the machine has dust and used iron scraps, etc., and perform necessary cleaning to reduce later troubles.

  • Adjustment of Slider Stroke

Pay attention to check the thickness of the mold and check whether the ratio of the upper and lower modules is normal. Normally, the module should be controlled at the switch point of the stroke line. This must be paid attention to.

  • Adjustment of Stroke Module

It also adjusts the upper limit point of the module. When the module is up to a high place, set the switch and reserve the position of the slider. At the same time, the deceleration module should be used when going down to better protect the machine and mold.

  • Gap Adjustment

It is mainly to measure the distance between the upper module and the lower module first, and the specific gap setting is determined according to the folded plate.

DA69T Press Brake Machine
DA69T Press Brake Machine

How to Improve CNC Bending Machine accuracy

In the first step, we need to perform a test on the compensation cylinder compensation deflection of the CNC bending machine to see if it is too large, causing it to not be able to completely return to the zero position. Secondly, the second step is to conduct a careful inspection of the quick clamping wedge of the CNC bending machine to determine whether it is loose.

Next, it is necessary to perform a recording inspection of the bottom dead center of each bending of the CNC bending machine to see whether the position of each recording inspection has changed to a certain extent.

WILA Quick Clamp
WILA Quick Clamp

The next step is to conduct a comprehensive inspection on whether the installation of the bow-shaped plate of the CNC bending machine is standardized. The main content of the inspection includes whether the screw hole is topped or not, and whether there is any unqualified phenomenon such as loosening.

Hydraulic Valve
Hydraulic Valve

Then, we also need to observe the changes of the following CNC bending machine sheet itself: the specific includes, for example, the thickness, material, and stress changes of the CNC bending machine sheet.

Next, we can also see if the grating ruler of the CNC bending machine is loose, if there is any looseness, it needs to be tightened in time, and then see whether the zero offset value of the proportional valve of the CNC bending machine is a more appropriate value. When positioning, you must not reach the bottom dead center. In this case, it will be easy to fail to return.

Liner Scale
Liner Scale

Design Requirements of Press Brake Tooling

If you want to use the bending machine better, you must have a comprehensive understanding of it. In addition to the machine itself, it also includes the supporting bending die. The bending die of the bending machine generally adopts the upward forming method, without the upper bearing plate and the upper cushion block; the upper bearing plate is only used when the mold is very large, for example, when its opening height is above 350mm.

CNC Press Brake Tooling
CNC Press Brake Tooling

If the part is relatively small, you can directly dig a hole in the lower mold of the bending machine, and then insert the bending part to bend; when the part is bent with a long side and the shape is bent, the lower mold of the press brake is lowered For forming inserts, mill grooves on the lower splint and fix it with pins. At this time, the thickness of the lower splint is 25.0, the groove depth is 7.0, and the insert width is not less than 30.0; when there is a longer inner side bend, you can refer to the inner side folding Design of the bending die structure.

There are also factors to be considered in the positioning process of the bending die of the bending machine, including positioning stability, processing convenience, adjustment flexibility, etc., so the bending die of the bending machine generally chooses the edge positioning instead of the bending For flanges, the two positioning distances in the same direction should be as far as possible to ensure positioning accuracy.

When the lower die of the bending machine is a bending block, the positioning block can be fixed on the side of the bending block with screws, and the positioning block is made into a seven-shaped shape. This positioning method is convenient for adjustment and folding. If it is single-sided molding, the upper mold needs to be supported by a knife, otherwise, the molding angle will be unstable.

Before forming the material, it must be pressed tightly, otherwise, the bend will not increase as much as possible to prevent the material from running during the forming process. In order to reduce unnecessary errors, the bending angle of the bending machine should be 4-6 times the thickness of the material, not less than 3 times.

CNC Single-V Die
CNC Single-V Die

Tandem Press Brake Technical Features And Machining Accuracy

The dual-machine linkage bending machine is much better than the general bending machine, especially in terms of its degree of automation. Some other types of bending machines can not complete the work content through it. This is mainly because of the dual-machine linkage bending The bending machine can adjust the bending angle and realize the synchronization of the bending of the board.

The two-machine linkage bending machine mainly controls the synchronous operation of the bending process and the hydraulic cylinder is positioned at the center when the machine is working at full load, but these problems can be properly solved. Coupled with its fast operation and high performance, it has quickly become a cost-effective CNC machining equipment in the CNC industry.

CNC Tandem Press Brake
CNC Tandem Press Brake

The tandem bending machine has a high-end detection feedback system, and the self-check and fault detection of the machine itself is mainly used for detection feedback and real-time detection of the position of the slider, which can solve many problems. It is precise because the two-machine linkage bending machine can complete the work that other bending machines cannot complete, it has been widely used.

When it comes to tandem bending machine, it is inevitable to mention the problem of machine tool processing accuracy. When it comes to accuracy and quality, bending accuracy is one of the important criteria for measuring equipment. However, it is necessary to learn to distinguish between the accuracy of the flange length and the accuracy of the angle, but in fact the two are related to each other. Without a high degree of positioning accuracy, the precision of the angle is almost impossible to achieve.

The accuracy of the bending angle of the tandem bending machine is not only a result of high positioning accuracy. But also depends to a large extent on physical influence parameters. Therefore, when the pressure is high, the slight bending of the machine itself is inevitable. In addition, each plate has its own special performance characteristics, so all these influencing factors must be compensated during the bending process.

DA58T CNC Press Brake

How to Adjust Press Brake When Abnormal

When using the CNC bending machine for work, it is very likely that there will be some application errors. At this time, you must be careful. If the bending machine has a problem, you need to check it. The beginning of the inspection is whether the mold used by the bending machine is worn or damaged. If this phenomenon constitutes a fault, a mold can be replaced.

In the process of checking the CNC bending machine, assuming that there is no damage, check the parallelism of the slider and the worktable. If it does not meet the application requirements, it can be adjusted according to the relevant standard requirements to make this parallelism It can be kept within the allowable range.

CNC Backgauge
CNC Backgauge

Assuming that there is still a certain error in the angle of the bending mechanism, it may not be due to the mold or the parallelism. It may be that the hydraulic system in the machine tool has a balance arrangement that does not ensure that the pressure oil evenly enters the left and right cylinders. Demand for scheduling.

At this time, adjust the operating method of the bending machine to the “inching adjustment” situation, and then remove the mold near the machine tool, or some other accessories, so that the slider can stay on the mechanical stop, and then the pressure The table is adjusted to the required pressure value.

DA66T CNC Controller
DA66T CNC Controller

The specific method is to tighten the head of the dial indicator in the bending machine by 3-4 mm, step on the foot pedal to increase the pressure of the system, and check the hour hand of the dial indicator when the pressure is increased or the system is discharged. In the case of offset, it is assumed that the regular value can be operated intermittently. Of course, in addition to the above methods, it is necessary to maintain the bending machine, so that it can take advantage of greater use.

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