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Bending Machine

The bending series is the main item of our company. In addition to the common twist axis bending machines and high-grade electro-hydraulic bending machines, we also have more energy-saving oil-electric hybrid bending machines, super large double machine linkage bending machines and so on. Regardless of the type of bending machine, as long as HARSLE production are the whole machine using steel plate welding structure, ANSYS stress analysis software to ensure the stability and accuracy of the machine. Stable body construction, different tooling options and the highest safety standards guarantee the high quality of the bending machines.



We have the strong technical support team, and if you have any questions, we can give you solutions in 12 hours.



Our machines are designed by our professional team, which guarantees the accuracy and speed of our machines.



HARSLE will offer 3 years warranty for your machine, we can also replace your parts for free during the warranty period.

Why Choose HARSLE

Choosing HARSLE means choosing good machine, good quality and good service.

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Development History


Established Nanjing HARSLE Machine Tool Co.,Ltd., engaged in the production, sales and maintenance of sheet metal machinery such as bending machines, shearing machines, punching machines, and hydraulic presses.



Provide customers with a complete set of machines for metal door processing, metal sink processing and other production lines, and have signed cooperation agreements with overseas agents to provide our customers with better services.



The annual sales of both domestic and foreign trade have exceeded 10 million dollars. More and more customers trust us and to work with us, and we have also provided them with the most suitable products. With strong export volume and excellent customer feedback, it was selected as a certified supplier by Made-in-China.com.


Our company's main products: press brake, shearing machine and hydraulic press have obtained the utility model patent certificate certified by the State Intellectual Property Office. In the following years, the CNC press brake produced by our independent company obtained the appearance design patent certificate certified by the State Intellectual Property Office.


The press brake and hydraulic presses produced by HARSLE have obtained CE certification. We Participated in the 6th India BLECH Exhibition in the same year and attracted many overseas customers to place orders on the spot with high-quality machines and professional explanations.


The punching machine and shearing machine produced by our company have successively obtained CE certification. In the same year, the company participated in the Dubai exhibition and passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification.

Fabrication Equipment

HARSLE has both experienced senior engineers and innovative young engineers, all of them are committed to building better machines.

Fabrication Equipment
Fabrication Equipment
Fabrication Equipment
Fabrication Equipment
Fabrication Equipment
Fabrication Equipment

Our Services



365 days a year, 7x24 hours per week and company telephone hotline (+86-25-56200956) service support.



E-mail service support is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. E-mail: support@harsle.com



The company established a technical support and response center, set up a dedicated person to carry out 7x24 hours on duty.


On Site(charge)

When necessary, the company will send experienced technical engineers to the site to provide services to users.

HARSLE CE Certificate

In line with EU CE standards, the quality of the machine is guaranteed

ce certificate

Our Team

HARSLE sales are experienced and friendly, so feel free to contact us when you have question about the machine

Bending Division

Ivy Zhang
shearing division

Shearing Division

Sissi Zhang

Punching Division

Wendy Xu
forming division

Froming Division

Grace Guo
door division

Door Division

Jimmy Chen

Laser Division

Sandy Xue
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Voice From Customers

Here's what customers around the world say about our press brakes.

We have an excellent after-sales technical team, which can be served according to customers requirements.


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asked questions

HARSLE is willing to work with all potential teams who have the ambitious goal for this job, we will provide thoroughly support and help to expand the market, If you have interest, you can send mail to info@harsle.com ,we will have further discussion.

If you want to contact HARSLE local agent, you can send email to info@harsle.com, then we will ask them to contact you directly.

HARSLE has uploaded the machine operation manuals on the website, you can download from the following pages.

We have published one article which clearly describes the introduction and manual of E21 NC Press brake controller, here is the link for more details:

-Take high speed train from other city to Nanjing south railway station, HARSLE factory is around 40KM far from this station.
-Take plane to Nanjing Lukou international airport, HARSLE factory is around 20KM far from this airport.

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Exhibition Style

Since the company was founded, HARSLE has participated in various national and international exhibitions every year

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