Press Brake

What are the factors that affect the accuracy of Press Brake

sheet metal bending

Bending accuracy is an important performance index of CNC press brake. In bending process, the factors that affect bending accuracy include sheet materials, molds, machinery, and people.

Sheet material factors

  1. Straightness of the reference plane of the sheet material
  2. Is the stress of the sheet metal uniform?
  3. Whether the thickness of the sheet material is consistent

Mold factor

  1. Is the accuracy of the upper and lower molds
  2. Whether the die compensation device matches the design of the frame
  3. The accuracy of the upper mold fixture should be high

Mechanical factors

The straightness of the clamping opening of the slider of the bending machine (Y direction, X direction)

Y1,Y2 repeated positioning accuracy, arbitrary positioning accuracy

Is the clearance between the slider and the rack rail of the bending machine reasonable?

Whether the verticality and inclination of the frame are reasonable

Connection of cylinder and slider

Strength and degree of frame and slider

Backgauge system repeat positioning accuracy, arbitrary positioning accuracy (X direction, R direction)

Is the computer system has adjusted in place?

Is the hydraulic system adjust in place?

The matching degree of hydraulic system and computer adjustment

Human Factors

How to choose and buy a suitable CNC press brake needs to consider the following factors:

1.Calculate how many tons of CNC bending machine according to the material and thickness of the metal sheet need to bend. The tonnage here refers to the large pressure of the bending machine, not the weight of the CNC press brake;

2.The width of the knife edge of the bending machine (determined according to the length of the plate), the depth of the throat and the distance between the columns;

3.Whether to choose an electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC press brake or a torsion axis synchronous bending machine is also a question need to consider.

The electro-hydraulic synchronous type of bending machine can more intelligent and fully automated, but the price is higher, and the torsion axis synchronous type of bending Machine price is cheap;

4.There are many types of electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machines, which need to customize according to the requirements of the workpiece, such as the number of axes, compensation types, laser testing, safety protection (laser protection or light curtain protection), etc.

How to solve the large bending angle error of CNC press brake?

  1. Check whether the compensation deflection of the compensation cylinder of the CNC bending machine is large, and the zero position cannot be completely restored   

2. Check whether the quick clamp of the CNC bending machine is loose

3. Check whether the bottom dead center of the CNC bending machine changes every time

4. Check whether the bow plate installation of the CNC bending machine is standard, and whether the screw hole is top dead.   

Changes in the plate itself of the CNC bending machine (thickness, material, stress)

Is the grating ruler of CNC bending machine loose?  

The positioning accuracy of the CNC bending machine is inaccurate: whether the zero offset value of the proportional valve is appropriate, and the positioning cannot reach the bottom dead center, making it impossible to return

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