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Application industry and use method of CNC press brake

CNC press brake

CNC press brake machine plays a very important role in sheet metal manufacturing. Do you know the application industry of CNC press brake machine and how to use it? Let’s get to know it with HARSLE.

Features of CNC Press brake machine

1.The hydraulic convex automatic compensation system adopts to solve the influence of the deformation of the slider

During the bending process on the quality of the workpiece. The compensation amount adjust by the CNC system from the electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending, which is convenient.

2.It adopts a fully functional back gauge mechanism and can choose to control multiple back gauge shafts. Functional parts in the backgauge. Such as guide rails, lead screws, bearings, etc., .All use imported original parts to ensure the accuracy of the back gauge.

3.The machine body adopts an integral welding structure. Which is convenient for transportation and processing, and can ensure the accuracy of the machine tool.

4.The main components such as the fuselage and sliding block .

Which analyzed by ANSYS finite element analysis software to ensure the reliability of the machine tool.

5.The hydraulic system adopts the integrated control system imported from Germany, which reduces pipeline installation, improves the working stability of the machine tool, and has a beautiful and simple appearance.

6.The CNC system adopts DELEM and ESA.

7.There are C-shape plates on both sides of the fuselage, and the high-precision grating ruler which install on the C-shaped plate, thus avoiding the influence of the deformation of the fuselage on the bending accuracy during bending.

Application industries of CNC press brake machine

In the decoration industry

High-speed CNC shears are widely using, generally in conjunction with CNC press brake machine, to complete the production of stainless steel plates, doors and windows, and the decoration of some special places.

In the electrical and power industry

The shearing machine can cut the plate into different sizes, and then reprocess it with a CNC press brake machine, such as computer cases, electrical cabinets, refrigerators and air conditioner shells.

In the kitchen and catering industry

Stainless steel kitchen utensils of various varieties and specifications which then processed in the secondary processing, such as welding and bending.

In the wind communication industry

Wind power poles, road light poles, communication tower poles, traffic light poles, traffic signal poles, monitoring poles, etc.

In the automobile and ship industry

Generally use large-scale CNC hydraulic shearing machine and CNC press brake machine , mainly to complete the shearing work of the plate, and then in the secondary processing, such as welding, bending, etc.

In the aerospace industry

High precision generally require, and use high-precision CNC shearing machine and CNC press brake machine , which is accurate and efficient.

How to use CNC press brake machine

  1. First, confirm the bending force and the cavity size of the lower die V-groove, which can be calculated based on the thickness of the plate and the length of the folded plate.

2. Aim at the core of the upper and lower molds, and adjust the gap.

3. Confirm the position of the front and back gauges and the process flow, and switch according to the adjustment switch.

4. Place the work piece at the mid-waist position of the hydraulic press brake table to measure the pressure.

5. Debug the mold gap again, and debug the upper mold debugging block if necessary.

6. 7.At the same time, make sure that all the seam parts are purely seam, and if there is leakage, correct it as soon as possible.

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