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Solutions to problems with Press Brake Tooling

sheet metal bending

Bending Tooling of the bending machine cannot press down or the bending machine without pressure

Reasons and solutions:

Most of the reason for this situation is that the pressure tonnage of the bending machine is not enough, so the pressure must be calculated before using the differential mode of the tooling section of the bending machine.

The pressure can be calculated according to the formula: P[Ton/m]=68*t (plate Thickness) *t (plate thickness) 4÷(1.4segment difference). In addition, there is also a situation that the bending machine cannot be bent when the pressure is increased to the maximum.

This situation is generally that the real tonnage of the bending machine does not reach the calibrated tonnage. This is a fraud by the bending machine manufacturer and uses a small cylinder as a calibration cylinder for sales.

The bent corner has an arc R

Reasons and solutions:

Generally, the corners of the products folded by the bending machine tooling will have arcs. The size of the arc depends on the wear of the upper die edge of the bending machine die.

Even if the upper die edge R=0, the folded product will still have Small arc R. The best solution is to draw a line on the sheet to be folded, then use a slotting machine to make a 0.3mm small notch at the scribe line, and finally use a bending machine to process it, so that it can solve the problem of arcs in the corners problem.

The upper die edge R of the bending machine tooling is very small, but the bending arc of the product is still large. What is the problem?

Reasons and solutions:

In this case, the most likely factor is that the V-slot of the lower die of the bending machine used is large. In such a situation, the lower die with a smaller V-slot should be replaced in time.

It can be calculated according to the formula: V( Notch size) = t (plate thickness) *6; thick plates above 10mm according to the formula: V (notch size) = t (plate thickness) * (8~12).

According to the V-slot size calculated by the formula, select the appropriate die. PS: If the aluminum plate is folded, according to the formula: V (notch size) = t (plate thickness) *4

When bending the aluminum plate , cracks will appear at the bend. What is the reason?

Reasons and solutions:

Generally, ordinary plates and stainless steel plates have irregular crystal properties, so they have strong plasticity; while aluminum plates are more neatly arranged because of their crystal structure, just like bamboo, with their own lines.

If the aluminum plate is bent transversely, fine lines and even cracks are easy to appear. The best solution is to bend along the direction of the crystal arrangement of the aluminum plate, and the bending machine with a larger V-slot cannot be used for die pressing and bending. You only need to choose a smaller V-slot opening to be no problem.

After raising upper die of the bending machine tooling, the bending process feels no pressure. If the plate is long or even unable to fold, why?

Reasons and solutions:

This kind of situation is encountered in some processing plants. Considering the need to avoid the position or the large size of the bending workpiece, they will customize the upper tooling of the heightening bending machine.

However, there is a limit to the height of the upper die of the bending machine tooling. If it is too high, the pressure of the bending machine will be lost, which is caused by the processing principle of the bending machine.

Generally, if you need to bend the workpiece to avoid the position, it is recommended to use a large bending die (gooseneck die). If the size of the workpiece is large, it is recommended to replace the large tonnage bending machine to solve this problem.

PS: Do not customize the upper die of the heightening bending machine easily. On the one hand, it prevents insufficient pressure. On the other hand, the stroke of the bending machine is limited and the workpiece is difficult to take out.

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