Press Brake

Three Tips of CNC Press Brake Machine

CNC press brake

The whole steel plate of the CNC press brake machine welded by the whole steel plate, adopting the vibration after tempering to eliminate the stress , and the frame stability is good

The machine frame which formed by the imported three-dimensional machining center in one clamping process, ensuring the parallelism of the installation surfaces Degree and verticality.

Features of CNC bending machine

1.Direct angle programming with angle compensation function.

2.The grating ruler real-time detection feedback correction, full closed-loop control, back gauge and slider dead gauge positioning accuracy is 0.02mm.

3.The upper mold adopts a quick clamping device, and the lower mold adopts a wedge deformation compensation mechanism.

4.With multi-step programming function, it can realize multi-automatic operation, complete one-time processing of multi-step parts, and improve production efficiency.

5.The imported hydraulic system with stable performance and compact structure can select according to user requirements, and the back gauge can be driven by ball screw and timing belt.

What are the mold processing procedures for hydraulic CNC Press Brake?

  1. First, turn on the power, turn on the switch on the control panel, and then start the oil pump, so that you can hear the sound of the oil pump rotating (the machine does not operate at this time).

2. The stroke adjustment, you must pay attention to the adjustment stroke when using, and be sure to test before bending. There must be a gap of plate thickness when its upper die descends to the bottom. Otherwise it will cause damage to the mould machine. The stroke adjustment also has electric quick adjustment.

3. For the selection of bending notches, a notch with a width 8 times the thickness of the steel plate which generally selected. If you bend a 4mm sheet, you need to choose a slot of about 32.

4. Backgauge adjustment generally has electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment, the method is the same as that of shearing machine.

5. Step on the foot switch to start bending. CNC bending machine mold is different from the shearing machine. It can release at any time, release the foot to stop, and continue to go down while stepping.

Reasons for uneven pressure of CNC bending machine

  1. Check whether the throttle valve, proportional valve, hydraulic lock, piston seal, etc. are damaged

2. You can check whether filters, pipes, hydraulic valves, etc. are blocked

3.Whether the adjustment of both sides or multi-variable pressure regulating rods is in place, tightening or loosening can be done if necessary.

The hydraulic system maintenance of the CNC bending machine and the prevention of uneven pressure and size problems of the bending machine can include the type of hydraulic oil, the amount of oil, whether the parts need to be cleaned or damaged, and so on.

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