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What adjustments are needed during the use of CNC Press Brake Machine?

CNC press brake

The CNC press brake machine encounters different adjustments during use to reached the standard. What adjustments need to do ? Please check as below

Adjustment of the bending machine

Due to the difference between the thickness of the folded plate and the size of the V-shaped opening of the lower mold, the stroke distance of the slider need to adjust according to needs.

You can press the up and down buttons on the electrical box to make the small motor forward and reverse to control the extension length of the piston, namely Control the stroke amount of the slider, and there are instructions beside the cylinder at the same time.

Note: The slider must be at the top dead center (that is, the slider need to press on the travel switch) for the adjustment to be effective.

Adjustment of the upper limit of the slider

CNC bending machine manufacturers feel that when the slider rises, the upper sleeve touches the travel switch to keep the slider at the required position, which can reduce the idle distance of the slider and improve labor productivity.

Adjustment of the «slow» action of the slider

When the slider moves down, the lower limit block touches the travel switch to make the slider move slowly.

Adjustment of the upper and lower mold gap

The gap need to measure when the upper die moves down and approaches the V shape of the lower die, and then the lifting distance of the slider with correct.

Adjustment of the bending angle of the workpiece

The sliding block and the worktable of the machine inevitably deflection during work, and sometimes the angle of the middle of the bent workpiece is greater than the angle of the two ends.

You can fine-tune the screws of the working panel to make the angle of the workpiece basically consistent. This function has been adjusted before the machine leaves the factory and generally does not need to be adjusted.

Adjustment of bending pressure

Look up the table or calculate the tonnage pressure of the folded sheet according to the pressure formula, and then adjust the handwheel of the remote pressure regulator. Make the pressure slightly larger than the tonnage of the folded plate, which can reduce the unnecessary load of the machine.

Adjustment of the parallelism between bottom surface

After using for a period of time, if the angles of the two ends of the workpiece are found to be inconsistent, the adjustment block at the lower end of the cylinder can be adjusted to maintain the parallelism between the bottom of the slider and the work surface.

One of the most common failures encountered by CNC press brake machine is that the machine often makes some noises. This failure generally cause by the large gap between the slider and the guide rail of the bending machine.

In this case, we should consider whether to choose to replace the guide rail pressure plate. When replacing, we should re-adjust the distance between the slider and the guide rail. This fault can often be resolved after adjustment.

Another problem is that the hydraulic system of the bending machine is not under pressure. At this time, we must pay attention to check whether the cartridge valve is stuck. If it is because of the cartridge valve stuck, we can remove the overflow valve and clean it. Clean it and then turn it on.

After starting up and debugging, this problem can usually solve. If the return pressure of the slider of the bending machine is too fast and the return pressure is high, the problem is generally on the filling valve, then we have to open the filling valve for inspection.

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