Econom Press Brake

Econom Press Brake

Econom Press Brake

HARSLE Econom Press Brake is the best choice for the startup company to save money or anyone who wants to use the machine in the easy way.


① Controller

② Mechanical Clamps

③ Light Curtain

④ Foot Switch

⑤ Front Arms

⑥ Punch and Die

⑦ Safety Fence

● The whole welded machine structure achieves high rigidity; the machine is designed by ANSYS software which can ensure the reliability and precision of the press brake.

● The motors for Back-gauge and ram stroke are controlled by inverter, which can achieve high positioning accuracy of the Back-gauge and ram by changing the frequency and voltage of motor.

● X axis (Back-gauge) and Y axis (Ram stroke or cylinder stroke) can be programmed by the controller, which can make the bending job easy.

● Side and rear metal safety guard meets European safety standard.

● Hydraulic overload can be protected by overflow valve, System pressure can be regulated by pressure switch easily.

● Foot switch with emergency button can stop the machine immediately when accident happens.

DELEM CNC Controller

This product is equipped with press brake machine dedicated numerical control device
which is applicable to various users. On the basis of ensuring work precision, the cost of
numerical control bending machine is reduced significantly.

E21 NC Controller:

  • Back-gauge and block control
  • Control AC motor or inverter
  • Intelligent and unilateral positioning
  • Work-piece counting function
  • Holding/decompression time setting
  • 40 programs stored, 25 steps per program
  • One key back-up/restore of parameters
  • Unit for mm/inch
  • Language for Chinese/English

Cybouch 8P



Light Curtain(Optional)

  • “Hot-key” touch navigation
  • Simple mounting and wiring, varied models for wide application
  • Perfect self-checking function
  • Good anti-inference to the surrounding lights and electromagnetic
  • Good anti-vibration,water-proof and dust-proof performance
  • LED indicate the running and faults states
  • Provide double sides protection with  controller
  • Safety monitoring


World famous brand REXROTH, Sub-brand of BOSCH, which is the professional hydraulic valve supplier.


  • Easy for maintenance
  • Improve ram down speed
  • Easy to adjust the synchronization of both cylinders to get better bending performance

EMB Tubing Connector

Good-looking structure and reduce the possibility of oil leakage


The motors for backgauge syroke are controlled by inverter, which can achive high positioning accuracy of the backgauge.


  • Realize partial or all key lock and define the action range of some keys to prevent misoperation
  • To electrify and to do the security detection of peripheral equipment
  • To realize several frequency inverters sharing the DC bus
  • Multi-triangular frequency control function
  • Short circuit test of electrified motor, input/output default phase protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overheat protection, overload protection, etc.


High quality electric can perform well even the electricity is not stable and customers can easily get the replacement anywhere in the word.


German famous brand motor improves the lifespan of the machine and keeps the machine working in low noise environment.

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