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5 cosas que debe saber sobre la máquina dobladora servo electrohidráulica

Dobladora de prensa CNC

What is The Electro-hydraulic Servo Bending Machine

Servo bending machine is a machine that can bend thin plates. The electro-hydraulic servo equipment we are going to talk about today is a kind of numerical control equipment, used for sheet forming designed for cold-rolled sheet metal processing. So what kind of equipment is it and how does it work?

In fact, in essence, the synchronization of Dobladoras CNC can be divided into three types, namely, torsion axis synchronization, hydraulic proportional valve synchronization, and dual servo pump control synchronization.

  • Torsion axis synchronization

Mechanical synchronization is forced by torque.

E21 Press Brake
E21 Press Brake
  • Hydraulic proportional valve synchronization

The stroke position of the left and right oil cylinders is transmitted to the computer through a grating or magnetic scale, and the computer controls the synchronization of the left and right oil cylinders through an electro-hydraulic proportional valve.

Prensa plegadora CNC
Prensa plegadora CNC
  • Double servo pump control synchronization

The stroke position of the left and right oil cylinders is transmitted to the computer through a grating or magnetic scale. The computer controls the stroke, speed, position, and pressure of the left and right oil cylinders by controlling the displacement and pressure of the oil pump through the servo motor. Synchronization of left and right cylinders.

Servo CNC Press Brake
Servo CNC Press Brake

With regard to the precision requirements of processing machinery, more customers have higher requirements for CNC bending machines. The torsion axis synchronous bending machine was born in the early 1980s, with low accuracy, no error feedback, and poor anti-deflection load capacity of the bending slider; the hydraulic proportional valve was synchronized in 1988, with high accuracy, real-time error feedback, and bending The curved slide block has strong anti-deflection load capacity; the dual-servo pump-controlled synchronous numerical control equipment appeared on the Chinese market after 2012, and it has no other shortcomings except expensive.

More and more customers will choose dual-servo pump-controlled synchronous numerical control equipment in the future, and use servo motor speed to change the output flow of the oil pump to meet the speed requirements of various load conditions, reduce energy loss, and improve the efficiency of the system. In contrast, energy consumption is reduced, and the user’s use cost is reduced.

Electro-hydraulic servo bending machine adopts grating ruler and servo proportional valve to control the synchronization of the slider. This model has a higher configuration and is mostly used for large-scale bending machines and equipment with higher bending accuracy requirements.

What is The Working Principle of Servo Bending Machine

Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine is a special machine tool used to bend plates. Most of these hydraulic control systems use proportional control technology. The machine tool has a flexible CNC system specifically for bending machines because it can be used as a highly automated operation to realize high-precision bending sheets. Using electro-hydraulic servo numerical control equipment, high production efficiency and high-quality parts can be obtained when processing complex-shaped plates, and higher economic benefits can be achieved.

Electro-hydraulic servo numerical control equipment is to control the backgauge and slider stroke of the bending machine. You can enter the piece you want to bend, and then enter the bending angle of each step. Just drop the program when you use it. The bending machine will adjust the backgauge distance and bending angle according to the steps you input.

Prensa plegadora CNC DA66T
Prensa plegadora CNC DA66T

The Importance of Prensa plegadora CNC in Sheet Metal Processing

At the same time as the industrial development, the technology and application of many types of equipment have been greatly improved, so that more benefits can be provided for the production work in the process of using the equipment. Numerical control bending machines have many advantages in the actual processing process. The introduction of equipment has also greatly improved the processing quality. Therefore, the application of equipment is now more and more widely used, and more processing problems have also been solved.

The installation and use of a Prensa plegadora CNC can achieve high resonance. During the design of the CNC bending equipment, the structure has been improved, so that the frequency of the production equipment during the processing is more reasonable, which helps to improve the processing quality. In addition, the influence of friction can also be reduced during processing with CNC bending equipment. The transmission system adopted by the equipment is very stable and can also achieve precise positioning effects. Therefore, the correspondence between the various devices is more prominent, and the difference between different parts can also be reduced. The frictional resistance between them makes the operation of the transmission system more efficient and faster.

Each of the three forming methods has the following characteristics.

  1. Stamping and forming. Advantages: stamping forming has low cost, high efficiency, and is relatively easy to realize fully automatic or semi-automatic;
  2. Folding machine forming. Advantages: high efficiency, low labor intensity of fully automatic or semi-automatic;
  3. Bending machine forming. Advantages: high proofing efficiency, suitable for processing large materials, and sheet metal forming can basically be realized;
Finished product
Finished Product

For forging, stamping, and sheet metal manufacturing companies, the realization of digital automation is an important issue that must be faced. Through the realization of digital automation, companies can overcome the design, manufacturing, production, and management problems they face. In the final analysis, it is to improve manufacturing conditions. , Improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce consumption, save costs, and meet the colorful material and cultural needs of society.

The use of CNC press brake can also achieve the purpose of low inertia. This is because the feed system of the equipment can make the variables more reasonable during the process of starting and stopping. The equipment has higher strength during operation, but it will not increase the load. It can maintain a smooth and reasonable running state, and can also improve the command and response speed of the equipment.

Traditional equipment will hinder the development of production in terms of rigidity and friction during operation, so the equipment will have many hidden troubles. The use of CNC bending machines can improve these problems. The design of each device structure of the equipment is very reasonable, and the size is also in line with the standard, which can make the transmission efficiency more improved, which is conducive to the development of the transmission system.

Prensa plegadora CNC DA58T
Prensa plegadora CNC DA58T

How Does The CNC Press Brake Bend Special Steel?

Special steel plates are extremely hard and have toughness. Special steels generally obtain extremely high hardness and high toughness by optimizing the alloy composition and the unique direct quenching process. The elongation is only about 7%, and the hardness generally reaches 550HBW. Normal bending The structural hardness and bending parameters of the mold can not meet its processing requirements, the rebound is large and it is easy to crack, and the outer surface is prone to indentation.

General processing and manufacturing companies use V-shaped and U-shaped bending molds for bending machine molds. The R corner of the lower mold is a fixed structure. The width of the V port is generally 4 to 6 times the thickness of the material. The R angle of the upper mold is usually 1 ~1.5 times the material thickness.

Dobladora CNC
Dobladora CNC

For special steel sheet metal products, the lower mold R angle part adopts a removable and roll-able LD material roller structure. The R angle, V mouth width, and angle of the upper mold and lower mold are redesigned. Special sheet metal must be considered here. The factors of greater product resilience, for example, the upper mold R angle can be 3-6 times the material thickness, the lower mold R angle can be 4-8 times the material thickness, and the V port width can be 6-12 times the material thickness. Bending, rebound, cracking, external surface indentation has a very good effect.

Bending machine manufacturers remind the following problems when bending

  • Be careful to bend at right angles to the rolling direction, polish to remove all defects before bending, and the cutting edge should also be polished flat.
  • Bending force and springback will increase with the increase of the strength of special sheet metal. The higher the plate hardness, the greater the bending force and the greater the springback.

The CNC press brake is based on cost and maintenance considerations. The upper die R angle, the lower die R angle, and the upper and lower die bodies can all adopt a removable structure to facilitate maintenance and reduce costs. The use of special sheet metal bending technology has the advantages of flexible production, which is convenient for product upgrade and adjustment and can effectively meet the accuracy requirements of welding. Small initial investment and short investment cycle and relatively low requirements for equipment personnel are conducive to reducing enterprise costs.

Máquina dobladora de láminas CNC
Máquina dobladora de láminas CNC

How to Ensure The Accuracy of Workpiece

Press Brake equipment is a machine that presses workpieces into different shapes according to requirements and bends thin plates. It is an important piece of equipment for bending workpieces in the sheet metal industry. It is composed of a worktable part, a sliding block part, a back gauge part, and an oil cylinder part.

In the current processing industry, a variety of processing and production equipment are still used to complete the production and manufacturing of products. Among them, the downward-moving CNC bending machine is mainly used to bend the workpiece. To complete the processing of the workpiece, then in the use of this equipment, you also need to pay attention to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece, and then to ensure that the needs of use can be met.

Prensa plegadora CNC DA66T
Prensa plegadora CNC DA66T

When using the downward-moving CNC press brake, first determine the bending angle of the workpiece and the height of the bending. If the angle and height are not determined, it will easily lead to the suitability of processing, There are a lot of errors, which will cause the bending effect to not meet the specific user needs, and also cause the products produced, there is no way to meet the needs of the installation, so we must pay attention to the parameters in advance set up.

In addition, the downward-moving CNC bending machine itself is a space for advanced technology. At this time, it is necessary to use this system to complete the angle programming in advance, so that after the workpiece is used, precise operations can be completed. During operation and processing, it is necessary to check the equipment at all times to complete the calibration of the equipment, so that you can find out whether there are any problems in the production in time, and then make adjustments in time.

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