How to Choose DELEM Controller for Your Press Brake (Compare Table)

Box or panel versionBox / PanelPanelPanelBox / Panel PanelPanel PanelPanelPanelPanel
Graphic3D 2D/Numerical3D 2D/Numerical2D/Numerical2D/Numerical2D2D2D2D2D/NumericalNumerical
Screen21.5 TFT 1920x108017 TFT 1280x102417 TFT 1280x102418.5 TFT 1366x76815 TFT 1366x76817 TFT 1280x102415 TFT 1366x76815 TFT 800x60010 TFT 1024x60010 TFT 1024x600
Operating SystemWin 10Win CEWin CEWin 10ESA/WINWin CEESA/WINDelem-LinuxESA/WIN


Touch Screen
Hand Weel(●)(●)XXXXXX
CPUQuadcore (3.2GHz)NDNDDualcore (1,8GHz)LX800 (500)NDLX800 (500)500MHzAMD Geode LX800 (500MHz)500MHz
Compact Flash (CF)=>128MB2 GB1 GB=>128MB=>128MB1 GB=>128MB1 GB=>128MB1 GB
Program Space (Number of Program)=>64GB (No Limit)NDND=>64GB (No Limit)=>64MB (=>7000)ND=>64MB (=>7000)ND=>64MB (=>7000)ND
Tools NumberSSD Space (No Limit)No LimitNo LimitSSD Space (No Limit)=>1000No Limit=>100090=>100060
Ethernet RJ452x 10/100/ 1000Mb11 2x 10/10/ 1000Mb11111(●)
RS 2323223222121
USB Port / USB Flash Driver4224212121
PS2 keyboard connector (terminal + CNC)XXXXX
PS2 mouse connector (on CNC)XXXXXX
External VGA screen outputXXXXX
PC SoftwareKvaraPC 2D + KVISOGUIProfile-T3DProfile-TlKvaraPC 2D + KVISOGUIKvaraPC 2D + KVISOGUIVbend/Profile-WKvaraPC 2D + KVISOGUIProfile-58TLKvaraPC 2D + KVISOGUIProfile-53TL
3D PC Software (Optional)Esabend3DMProfile-T3DXEsabend3DMXVbend/Profile-WXXXX
Backup mediaUSB key, USB Media, NetworkUSB key, networkUSB key, networkUSB key, USB Media, NetworkUSB key, NetworkUSB key, networkUSB key, NetworkUSB keyUSB key, NetworkUSB key
3D Programming(●)X(●)XXXXXX
Full Touch Programming
Monitor Touch Keyboard
Max Char on Name30252530302530253025
Tool Edit Numerical
Tool Edit GraphicX
Max Char on Tool Name30252530302530253025
Die BlockXXXX
Punch HolderXXXX
Multi V-DieXX
Machine ShapeX
DXF Import(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)XXXX
Product CommentXX
PDF Viewer(●)(●)XXXXX
Emergency SwitchXXXXXX
Integrated OEM Panel(●)(●)(●)(●)X(●)X
X1-X2 Angle Programming(●)(●)(●)X(●)X
Front Arm Sheet Support(●)(●)XXX
Bar Code Reader Interfacing(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)X(●)X
Protractor Interfacing(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)XXX
Frame deflection Compensation(●)(●)X(●)X
Sensor Bending and correction interfacing (Pressure Sensor)(●)(●)(●)(●)XXXXXX
Sheet thickness measurement(●)(●)(●)(●)XXXXXX
Safety PLC Interfacing Lazersafe PCSS
Safety PLC Interfacing Pilz PSS
Safety PLC Interfacing Pilz Pnoz-Multi
Safety PLC Interfacing Fiessler FPSC
Safety PLC Interfacing Nuova Elettronica MCSXXXXX
Angle Control Interfacing(●)(●)(●)(●)XXXXXX
Lazersafe Angle Control Integrated and Realtime(●)NDND(●)XXXXXX
DataM Angle Control Integrated and Realtime(●)NDND(●)XXXXXX
DataM Angle Control Motorized (3 point measuring)(●)NDND(●)XXXXXX
Dynamic Crowning (Automatic Crowning Bottom Beam)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)X(●)X
Dynamic Crowning (Automatic Crowning Top Beam)(●)XX(●)(●)X(●)XXX
Crowning Correction in Degrees (automatic calculation)XXXXX
Programmable Crowning Scale (mm, Inch)XXXXX
Remote Hand Weel with Display(●)XX(●)XXXXXX
Servo- / 2 speed AC control
Unipolair / frequency inverter control
Digital CANOPEN Drive InterfaceXXXXX
Direct pressure valve control(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)
Direct proportional valve Y1, Y2 control(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)
Direct Crowning Valve Control (Hydraulic Crowning)(●)XX(●)(●)X(●)X(●)X
Direct crowning controlX
Multiple digital function outputs5205
Tandem operation(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)X(●)(●)(●)(●)
Tandem operation Digital Interface (No mechanical additions)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)X(●)(●)(●)(●)
Robot Interface(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)
2D real-scale product programming and visualisationXXX
3D real-scale product programming and visualisation(●)(●)(●)XXXXXX
Automatic bend sequence calculation in 2D(●)(●)(●)
Automatic bend sequence calculation in 3D(●)X(●)XXXXXX
2D Visualization (2D Extrusion)(●)(●)(●)
3D Product Viewer(●)(●)(●)X(●)XXXX
Easy graphical bend sequence swap and moveXXX
Hemmed products programmingX
One page programming tableXX
Graphical product and tool selection(●)
Programmable material properties
Editable axis speed
Sheetless programming
Product & tool search filterXX
Product counter
Product notesX
Graphical tool configurationXX
Multiple tool station set-upsXX
Tool segmentation visualisation(●)(●)XXXXX
Alphanumeric tool identification
Free graphical tool programming
Hemming tools
Radius toos
Tooling safety zones
Press force
Bend allowance
Crowning adjustment
Developed Length(●)
Bottoming force
Hemming force
Auto bumping calculation(●)
Radius programming
Learned angle correction database(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)
Learned angle and Bend Allowance correction Database(●)XX(●)(●)X(●)X(●)X
‘Teach-in’ on all axes(●)
Handwheel movement of all axesXXXX
Operator seLectabLe dialogue Languages
Integrated heLp functions
Error messaging system
Diagnostic program
Internet Explorer (web browser)XXX
Remote diagnosisX
User specific applications supportXX
Machine time + stroke counter
On board Analysis Tool
Sequencer functionality (PLC)
Axis Modular Configuration
Standard Axis Number4444444444
Maximum Axis Number32242432866444
Remote User InterfaceXXX
Standard Digital Inpt32121232321232123212
Standard Digital Output32121232321232123212
Standard Analog Input4224424444
Standard Analog Output2222222222
Maximum Digital Inpt1024484810241024481024123212
Maximum Digital Output1024484810241024481024123212
Maximum Analog Input32443232432444
Maximum Analog Output32443232432424
Syncro Press Brake
Single Cylinder Syncro Press Brake(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)
Coventional Press Brake(●)(●)(●)(●)(●)
Coventional Press Brake + Linera scaleNDNDNDNDND
Electrical Press BrakeNDNDNDNDND
Hybrid Press BrakeNDNDNDNDND
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