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How to Improve The Efficiency of CNC Press Brake Machine

sheet metal bending

The CNC press brake is controlled by a closed-loop control system composed of a hydraulic control system such as a proportional electro-hydraulic servo valve, etc., and a grating ruler synchronously with the main cylinders on both sides, which are independently restricted by the CNC. Feedback accurate data to ensure accurate operation of the slider.

Tandem Press Brake
Tandem Press Brake
  1. CNC press brake machine adopts a hydraulic convex automatic compensation system to solve the influence of the deformation of the slider during the bending process on the quality of the workpiece. The compensation amount is automatically adjusted by the numerical control system, which is convenient and accurate.
  2. CNC press brake machine adopts a fully functional backgauge mechanism, and can choose to control multiple backgauge axes. Functional parts in the backgauge. Such as guide rails, lead screws, bearings, etc., all use imported original parts to ensure the accuracy of the back gauge.
  3. The body of the electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine adopts an integral welding structure, which is convenient for transportation and processing, and can ensure the accuracy of the machine tool.
  4. The main components of the electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine body, slider, etc. are all analyzed by ANSYS finite element analysis software to ensure the reliability of the machine tool.
  5. The hydraulic system of the electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine adopts the integrated control system imported from Germany, which reduces pipeline installation, improves the working stability of the machine tool, and has a beautiful and simple appearance.

Use Skills of CNC Press Brake Machine

  • Before making a good bend, it is necessary to do a good job of surveying the materials and the overall environment. Many dangerous places or items must be marked in a timely manner. Only in this way can we ensure that the actual operation can be better done.
  • When you want to use the bending machine, you should be careful about each component, and fully prepare for future work. If it is working, it cannot be fully loaded. The load of the machine is easy to run, so it is necessary to seize the time to improve the bending efficiency and keep the machine running as much as possible.
  • The maintenance of the bending machine must be done after the driving force is turned off and the engine is turned off. This not only ensures the life safety of the actual operating staff, but also better ensures the good use of the machinery.
  • Daily maintenance focuses on troubleshooting detected faults and lubricating and adjusting the whole machine. The lubrication points of the whole machine are rotated in stages, and the rollers, main transmission intermediate shaft, rear transmission intermediate shaft and other components should be mainly maintained.
Bending Parts
Bending Parts

Types of CNC Bending

There are three types of bending: point contact bending, bottom bending, and stamping bending.

metal bending
CNC Bending

How to Choose Lower Die V Width

Thickness (t) mm0.5~2.63.0~8.09.0~10Over 12
V groove width (V) mm6×t10×t10×t12×t
Down Die
Down DIe

How to Calculate Bending Pressure

After getting the processing drawing, calculate the pressure required for bending according to the information on the drawing. It is a waste of time to calculate one by one every time. AMADA summarized the following bending pressure gauge based on the collected processing data. Only need to compare the following table, according to the material thickness and V width on the drawing, you can find the corresponding bending pressure, which is clear at a glance and very convenient.

After selecting the “plate thickness” (t) of the material and the “inside radius” (r) of the bending in the pressure gauge, the following information can be queried:

  1. The pressure (ton/m) required to bend this material for 1m.
  2. Use the V width (mm) of the mold when bending.
  3. The length of the small bending edge that can be bent (mm).
Bending Capacity
Bending Capacity

How to Choose Down Die

Three principles for choosing die:

  • When pressing and bending → A lower die with a 90° angle of the lower die V groove is required.
  • When touch bending or bottom bending → select the lower die with the V groove angle of the lower die ≤88°.
  • In order to reduce the scratches of the workpiece, choose a die with larger shoulder R and V width.
CNC 1V Die
CNC 1V Die

How to Choose Upper Punch

  • When punching and bending → It is appropriate to choose an upper die with an angle of 90° and an R of 0.2-0.6mm.
  • For touch bending and bottom bending → It is appropriate to choose the upper die with an angle of ≤88°. At the same time, the V groove angle of the lower die must be greater than or equal to the angle of the upper die.
CNC Upper Punch
CNC Upper Punch

How to Determine The Bending Sequence

When selecting the bending sequence, the complex shape can be divided into simple shapes, which will make the selection easier.

  1. Start bending from the bending line on the outside of the workpiece.
  2. Bend in the order of shortest to longest.
  3. Start bending from the middle rising part (middle bending).
  4. It can be folded together with the same knife (type of mold).
  5. Bends with high bend edges are placed on the back fold.
Bending Drawing
Bending Drawing

How to Calculate Elongation

When using the direct input or angle input in the programming mode of the bending control system NC, it is necessary to perform the expansion calculation according to the bending sequence, and enter the L value, the size of the bending edge, and other data in the NC.

Bending 3D Drawing
Bending 3D Drawing

How to Judge Whether Can Process in CNC Press Brake

Different types of bending have different criteria for judging whether or not to bend. Today we mainly take the V-shaped bending as an example to judge whether the bending can be carried out.

  • Influencing factor 1: V width
  1. Can the machine capacity meet the pressure corresponding to the V width used?
    V width: the distance between the upper two points of the inclined surface of the lower die.
    V width=6~8t (bottom bending)
    Inner R≤1/6V (Inner R≤1t~2t)

2. The required bending pressure per meter of SPC material is represented by P:

Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following 2 points:

The processing capacity of the bending machine used must be greater than or equal to the pressure corresponding to the selected V width.

The bending length is too long, which may exceed the processing capacity of the bending machine.

Sheet Bending
Sheet Bending
  • Influencing factor 2: Small bending edge

Is the height of the bending edge higher than the V width?

Small bending edge: generally refers to the height of the small bending edge that can be bent relative to the V width used in 90° bending.
The height of the small bending edge is expressed by b: b=V/1.4

Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following 2 points:

  1. The height of the bending edge must be greater than the height of the small bending edge corresponding to the V width.
  2. If the height of the bending edge is smaller than the height of the small bending edge corresponding to the V width, you need to select a smaller V width for processing, so the required pressure may increase, and the number of mold changes may increase.
WILA Hydraulic Clamp
WILA Hydraulic Clamp

How to Improve CNC Press Brake Processing Speed

In order to effectively increase the processing speed, the equipment is also equipped with a lot of programming functions, so that the equipment can complete the processing operations of many kinds of workpieces at one time while it is running, and achieve higher production efficiency.

The user can also adjust the equipment parameters according to the actual production requirements. So that the hydraulic system of the equipment is in a stable state, and the processing quality of the material meets the standard.

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
  • When installing and using metal materials, it is necessary to meet certain installation standards, so that the materials need to be processed according to operating requirements, and the accuracy of processing also has a great impact on the installation and use of materials.
  • The CNC bending machine is a kind of equipment product that is responsible for the material bending operation. When the user usually uses the CNC bending equipment, he can set the parameters first, and then feed the material into the equipment to quickly complete the processing task.
  • When using a CNC bending machine, the system also comes with an angle compensation function, which can avoid errors in the processing process, and can greatly improve the processing accuracy.
  • When using CNC bending equipment, the staff should strictly abide by the processing specifications to complete the operation. They should also wear designated clothing and protective tools to allow the processing operations to be completed under safe conditions.
  • When installing and using the CNC bending machine, check whether the wiring of some equipment is firm and whether the various devices can maintain a coordinated operation state. These checks should be done every day before using the equipment to ensure that the materials are accurate the processing effect.

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