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Caratteristiche tecniche e precisione della pressa piegatrice tandem

Pressa piegatrice CNC

The Tandem Press Brake is much better than the general macchina piegatrice, especially in terms of its degree of automation.. Some other types of bending machines can not complete by it. This is mainly because the Tandem Press Brake can adjust the bending angle and synchronize the bending of the board.

The Tandem Press Brake mainly controls the synchronous operation of the bending process . And the hydraulic cylinder need to position at the center when the machine is working at full load.

These problems can properly solve. Coupled with its fast operation and high performance,

it has quickly become the most cost-effective CNC machining equipment in the CNC industry.

The Tandem Press Brake has a high-end detection feedback system, and the self-check and fault detection of the machine itself . It is mainly for detection feedback and real-time detection of the position of the slider. Many problems can solve with these.

It is precisely because the Tandem Press Brake can complete the work

that other bending machines cannot complete, it has been widely used.

When it comes to Tandem Press Brake, it is inevitable to mention the problem of machine tool processing accuracy. When it comes to accuracy and quality, bending accuracy is one of the most important criteria for measuring equipment.

But pay attention to learn to distinguish between the accuracy of the flange length and the accuracy of the angle,

but in fact the two are related to each other. Without a high degree of positioning accuracy, the angle precision is almost impossible to achieve.

The accuracy of the bending angle of the Tandem Press Brake is not only a result of high positioning accuracy,

but also depends to a large extent on physical influence parameters. Therefore, when the pressure is high, the slight bending of the machine itself is inevitable. In addition, each plate has its own special performance characteristics,

so all these influencing factors need to compensate during the bending process

Although the working capacity of the dual-machine linkage bending machine is indeed much stronger than that of the ordinary bending machine, the probability of uneven pressure is higher than that of similar equipment, which has a great relationship with the structural design of the equipment itself. Do you know how to solve similar problems?

Because the two working cylinders of the dual-machine linkage bending machine pressurize at both ends of the slide block,

and the resultant force of the deformation of the bending workpiece is in the middle,

the working table of the slide block and the upper and lower molds which flexed and deformed, making the sheet The uneven force on each point in the length direction of the die edge directly affects the accuracy and straightness of the bending workpiece.

For this reason, it is very necessary for the two-machine linkage bending machine to take corresponding measures to compensate or eliminate the flexural deformation. In fact, it is very simple, that is, between the slider of the bending machine and the upper die, or the worktable and the lower die worktable, a preset deformation amount opposite to the force deformation direction, and this deformation amount is generating during actual work The relative deformation is the same.

In this way, the relative deformation of the sliding block and worktable of the dual-machine linkage bending machine can compensate,

so that the pressure distribution between the molds is more uniform, which improve the quality of sheet metal bending .

At present, the compensation methods involved in the two-machine linkage bending machine mainly include geometric compensation, hydraulic compensation and mechanical compensation. In comparison, hydraulic compensation is more widely using, and can realize the deflection compensation for continuously changing deformation, and the compensation flexibility is large; but its structure is also more complicated and the cost is higher.

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