Common problems of press brake machine molds

sheet metal bending

The damage mold of the press brake

Press brake mold damage refers to-mold cracking, breaking, swelling, etc., to deal with the problem of bending machine mold damage, you must find the reason from the design, manufacturing process and mold use of the bending machine mold.

It is necessary to review whether the manufacturing material of the bending machine mold is appropriate, and whether the corresponding hot embedding process is reasonable. Generally, the heat treatment process of the mold material has a great influence on it.

If the quenching temperature of the mold is too high, the quenching method and time are unreasonable,

and the number of tempering, temperature, and select elbow are not properly, it will cause the mold of the bending machine damage after entering the bending production. If the size or depth of the blanking hole is not enough, it is easy to block the slot and cause damage to the blanking board.

If the design of the spring force is too small or the contour sleeves are not equal in height, the spring will break and the blanking plate will tilt.

Caused overlapping punching, damage 0 pieces . Improper fixing of the punch or insufficient screw strength. It can cause the punch to fall or break.

When using the bending machine mold , the position and direction of the 0 parts need install incorrectly or the bolts are not fastened. The working height adjust too low and the guide post is insufficiently lubrication. Failure of feeding equipment, abnormal press, etc. will cause damage to the mold.

If foreign matter enters the mold, overlapping parts, and waste blockage do not deal with in time, continue processing and production, it is easy to damage the blanking plate, punch, lower template and guide post of the mold.

Card mode

During the bending process, once the mold clamping of the bending machine is not flexible, or even stuck, must stop the production , and must find the cause of the stuck mold ,and must eliminate the fault .

Otherwise, the failure will enlarge and the mold of the bending machine will be damaged.

The main reasons for the stuck mold are: poor mold orientation and tilt. Or there is foreign matter between the templates, which prevents the template from being flat; the strength design of the mold is insufficient or the force is uneven.

Cause mold deformation, such as mold base, template hardness, thickness design is too small, easy to affect by external force-impact deformation; the mold position is not installed correctly, the positioning error of the upper and lower molds is out of tolerance.

Or the accuracy of the press is too poor, causing the mold to interfere; the strength of the punch is not enough, the size of the punch is too close, and the lateral force of the mold is unbalance

. At this time, the punch strength should increase, and the guide protection of the discharge plate should be strengthened.

Damage and repair of the mold of the bending machine

The cost of the mold for bending production is high. Usually, the mold cost of the bending machine accounts for 1/5 to 1/4 of the total cost of the parts.

This is because, in addition to the difficulty and high cost of mold manufacturing. After the bending mold is put into production, the cost of mold repair and sharpening maintenance is also high, and the original cost of the mold accounts for about 40% of the entire mold cost. Therefore, timely maintenance of the mold and imitation of damage to the mold can greatly reduce the cost of the mold for bending production.

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