Genius Press Brake

Advanced operational controller and stable body structure; perfect design and low operating cost; different tool usage options and maximum safety standards, HARSLE Genius press brake is the best in the world in its field.

  • ● 3D Graphic control to simulate bending sequence
  • ● Up to back-gauge 6-axis control for flexible bending
  • ● 17'' touch screen for broad control space
genius press brake

Smart Press Brake

The smart press brake has been re-designed according to the current needs of our users and has reached to a unique structure with its electronic and mechanical equipment which gives excellent results in normal, stainless, thin and thick sheet metals.

  • ● Sliding Front Support Arms
  • ● Easy Clamping Tool Holder System
  • ● Customer Focused Ergonomic Solutions
smart press brake

Electric Press Brake

Due to the ever-increasing demand worldwide to decrease our carbon footprint, and become as efficient as possible, HARSLE has developed a new series of Green Electric press brakes, that features the advantages of high acceleration, deceleration, and fast response times of the servo-electric drive system.

  • ● Considerable productivity increase can be reached
  • ● Reducing cycle times by up to 30% or more is the reality
  • ● Ultra-long life design
electeic press brake

Mini Press Brake

It is an excellent solution that offers cost and operation area advantages for our customers who work with small and thin parts . Compact press brake which stands out with its low investment cost, ergonomic design and high efficiency .

  • ● 220 mm/s approaching speed
  • ● Compact and Ergonomic design
  • ● Quick and easy tool replacement
mini press brake

Tandem Press Brake

Closed-loop control system and stable body structure; synchronized working process and low operating cost; different tool usage options and maximum safety standards, HARSLE bending machine is the best for your choice.

  • ● Precise bending result at fast speed
  • ● Minimalized tool change and adjustment time
  • ● Maximized speed and safety
tandem press brake

Econom Press Brake

The whole welded machine structure achieves high rigidity; the machine is designed by ANSYS software which can ensure the reliability and precision of the press brake.

  • ● Low Investment Cost
  • ● Economic Machine
  • ● Strong Rigid Structure


HARSLE is one of the leading press brake manufacturer in China, we offer several options in press brake machines. Genius Press Brake and Smart Press Brake all belong to CNC Electro-Hydraulic Sheet Bending Machine, Econom Press brake is torsion-bar type NC Press brake which is the economic option. HARSLE is the professional factory which endeavours to manufacture eligible machines for all customers. HARSLE Engineer can also design different types of press brake toolings for the end users job, please contact us to get an immediate quote.

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Questions & Answers

Here you will get most answers to the frequently asked questions, HARSLE expertise team will also collect the questions from most customers during the engineering service process and we will update here every month. We believe you will get the worthful tips here.

What is the difference between press brake and folding machine?

In recent years, 30% of sheet metal factories in developed countries such as Europe and the United States have begun to use folding machines to replace traditional bending machines for partial bending processing. Compared with the bending machine, the folding machine is a kind of bending equipment with many advantages, and the operation is more convenient.

  • Working Principle

The CNC press brake realizes the bending function by controlling the slider stroke and the back gauge of the bending machine. When using a CNC bending machine, as long as the part drawing of the workpiece and the bending angle of each step are input, the bending machine will be implemented one by one according to the input steps. Advanced CNC bending machine mainly adopts electro-hydraulic servo system, cooperated with a grating ruler to form full closed-loop control, with high synchronization control precision, bending precision and repositioning precision. In use, the CNC bending machine can be flexibly operated. It can not only realize the processing of ultra-long plates with dual-machine linkage but also process parts with a single machine. This not only improves the use efficiency of the bending machine but also reduces energy consumption.

  • Function

Folding machine is a machine that processes the edges of products. It used to be used for large-scale production of stainless steel sheet products with simple shapes, but with the continuous update and maturity of technology, these products are now more produced with cold-formed punches. The folding machine uses a model with a bending radius to fix the steel plate on the workbench of the machine tool, and the part of the material that extends is placed on the movable workbench, which can rotate along the center of the bending radius. The movable table rises to bend the stainless steel to the required angle. When bending, due to the sliding of stainless steel on the workbench, in order to prevent material scratches, on the one hand, the surface of the workbench should be smooth, and on the other hand, a plastic film needs to be attached to the surface of the stainless steel to prevent the workpiece from being scratched during processing. Scratched. The upper beam of the folding machine is usually wedge-shaped to form a gap so that a suitable shape of the blank can be folded into a quadrilateral box or groove.

  • Conclusion

The optimization of the overall production process of an enterprise is the desire of every enterprise because the optimization of the production process can ultimately reduce labour costs, improve work efficiency, and produce precision. Therefore, as people continue to deepen their understanding of bending machines and folding machines, the correct guidance and use of folding machines in the sheet metal industry is a direction for the improvement of the bending process.

What is the advantage of the CNC press brake machine?

The CNC press brake is suitable for large steel structure parts, iron towers, street lamp poles, high lamp poles, automobile beams, automobile cargo boxes and other related industries.

  1. Direct angle programming, with angle compensation function.
  2. The grating ruler real-time detection feedback correction, full closed-loop control, backgauge and slider dead-gauge positioning accuracy is ±0.02mm.
  3. The upper punch adopts a quick clamping device, and the lower die adopts a wedge deformation compensation mechanism.
  4. With a multi-step programming function, it can realize multiple automatic operations, complete the one-time processing of multi-step parts, and improve production efficiency.
  5. The imported hydraulic system with stable performance and compact structure can be selected according to user needs, and the back gauge can be driven by a ball screw and timing belt.

The CNC bending machine mainly adopts the structure of the sheet metal bending machine; it is composed of a fully closed-loop CNC system of the bending machine, two grating scales, a photoelectric encoder for real-time detection and feedback, and a stepper motor driving the screw rod to form a fully closed-loop control. Two grating rulers; one for the back gauge and the other for real-time detection and feedback correction of the position of the slider; the photoelectric encoder detects the position of the dead stop of the cylinder and feeds it back to the numerical control system.

How to avoid the deviation of bending angle and size?

The key to the pros and cons of bending depends on the two key parameters of bending angle and size. When bending, in order to better ensure the forming size and angle of the bending, the following problems must be paid attention to on many levels.

  1. The left and right tooling are not aligned with each other, which will cause deviations in the bending dimensions. Before bending, the centering adjustment of the left and right tooling CNC blades must be carried out.
  2. After the upper and lower parts of the rear stop are moved, the relative position of the plate and the upper die is likely to change, which will damage the bending size. The distance between the rear stop must be measured again before bending.
  3. Insufficient flatness of the product workpiece and the upper punch will cause bending resilience and endanger the bending angle. The flatness must be accurately measured and adjusted before bending.
  4. When the primary bending angle is not enough, the secondary bending will also suffer damage. The accumulation of bending deviation will increase the forming size and angle deviation of the product workpiece, so it is very important to ensure the accuracy of single-sided bending.
  5. When bending, the size of the die V opening is inversely proportional to the bending working pressure. When producing and processing different thin and thick metal sheet materials, you must select a suitable die opening according to the regulations, and generally choose a plate thickness of 6 ~8 times is more suitable.
  6. When the product workpiece is bent in the bending machine after creating the V opening, make sure that the edge of the upper die, the bottom of the product workpiece V opening and the bottom of the die V opening are on the same vertical surface.
  7. When bending the product workpiece after grooving, in order to better avoid knife clamping, the angle of the lower die is controlled at 84°.
  8. Determine whether the board thickness and material of the product are consistent with the CAD drawing, and determine the surface treatment of the material according to the CAD drawing. If the surface treatment, electroplating process, and customization parts are not done, pay attention to their appearance maintenance.
  9. The indication of the bending size needs to be confirmed and established, and determine whether the size is the key point such as the thickness of the cladding or the inner side to the inner side.
  10. For different materials, pay special attention to the accuracy of the bending direction when testing. For materials with texture on the surface, such as wire-drawing metal parts and stainless steel plates with wire-drawing metal surfaces, pay special attention to the orientation of the texture in accordance with the picture.
How to adjust the backgauge on press brake machines
  1. Adjusting the backgauge of the bending machine mainly depends on what numerical control system your bending machine is equipped with, and also whether your bending machine is equipped with a servo motor or with a frequency converter. Only they can adjust it inside. speed. Generally, the adjustment of the back gauge is on the numerical control system, such as the DA52 numerical control system. You can enter the numerical value of the bending machine you need on the numerical control system, and then click to run, the back gauge will automatically run to the numerical size you set. This is the adjustment before and after the backgauge.
  2. If you need to adjust the backgauge left and right, it also depends on what system your bending machine is equipped with. For example, the CNC press brake machine with a 3+1 axis, the backgauge of the bending machine is required for up and down, left and right Manually adjusted. The bending machine with a 4+1 axis does not need to be manually adjusted, and the upper and lower back gauges are adjusted on the CNC system. There are joysticks on the footswitch to adjust the left and right backgauges.
  3. How to adjust the CNC bending machine after bending error:
  4. When using the CNC bending machine for work, it is very likely that there will be some operating errors. At this time, we must pay attention to it. Once the bending machine has a problem, it must be checked. The first step is to check whether the tooling used by the bending machine is worn or damaged. If this phenomenon causes errors, you can replace tooling.
  5. In the process of inspecting the CNC bending machine, if there is no development of damage, check the parallelism of the slider and the worktable. If it does not meet the requirements of use, you can adjust it in accordance with the relevant standard requirements to make this The parallelism can be maintained within the allowable range.
  6. If there is still a certain error in the angle of the bending mechanism, it may not be due to the tooling or the parallelism. It may be caused by the hydraulic system in the machine tool, the balance mechanism does not ensure that the pressure oil evenly enters the left and right cylinders. , Then it needs to be adjusted.
  7. At this time, adjust the working mode of the bending machine to the state of "inching adjustment", and then remove the tooling in the machine tool, or some other accessories, so that the slider can stay on the mechanical stop, and then the pressure Adjust the meter to the required pressure value.
  8. The specific method is to compress the head of the dial indicator in the bending machine by 3-4 mm, step on the foot pedal to increase the pressure of the system, and check the hour hand of the dial indicator when the pressure is increased or the system is discharged. In the case of offset, the operation can be stopped if the specified value is reached. Of course, in addition to the above methods, what should be emphasized is that the bending machine must be maintained so that it can give full play to its advantages.
How do you use a CNC press brake?

1.First, turn on the power, turn on the key switch on the control panel, and then press the oil pump to start, so you can hear the sound of the oil pump turning.

2.Stroke adjustment, the use of the bending machine must pay attention to adjusting the stroke, and be sure to test before bending. When the upper die of the bending machine descends to the bottom, there must be a gap of plate thickness. Otherwise it will cause damage to the mold and the machine. The stroke adjustment also has electric quick adjustment and manual stomach adjustment.

3.For the selection of bending notches, a notch with a width of 8 times the thickness of the plate is generally selected. If you bend a 4mm sheet, you need to choose a slot of about 32.

4.Backgauge adjustment generally has electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment.

5.Step on the foot switch to start bending, and you can release it at any time. When you release your foot, the bending machine will stop and continue to go down when stepping on it.

6.Strictly abide by the safe operation regulations for machine tool workers, and wear labor protection equipment as required.

7.Before starting, you must carefully check whether the motor, switch, circuit and grounding are normal and firm, and check that the control parts and buttons of the equipment are stuck in the correct position.

8.Check the overlap and firmness of the upper and lower molds; check whether the positioning devices meet the requirements of being processed.

9.When the upper sliding plate and each positioning axis are not at the origin, run the return-to-origin program.

10.After the equipment is started, it runs idle for 1-2 minutes, and moves on the slide full stroke 2-3 times. If there is any abnormal sound or malfunction, stop immediately, remove the malfunction, and work after everything is normal.

11.When working, one person should be in uniform command, so that the operator and the feeding and suppressing personnel should cooperate closely to ensure that the cooperating personnel are in a safe position before issuing the bending signal.

12.The sheet metal must be compacted when bending, to prevent the sheet material from lifting up and hurting people during the bending.

13.The power supply must be cut off when adjusting the sheet metal die, and the operation should be stopped.

14.When changing the opening of the variable lower tooling, no material is allowed to come into contact with the lower tooling.

15.Frequently check the overlap of the upper and lower tooling; whether the instructions of the pressure gauge meet the regulations.

16.Before shutting down, place wooden blocks on the lower tooling under the cylinders on both sides to lower the upper slide plate onto the wooden blocks.

17.Exit the control system program first, then cut off the power supply.

How do you choose press brakes?

1.According to the company's current amount of working capital, you can buy a bending machine at a suitable price. There are many brands and types of CNC bending machines on the market. We should choose the right brand of bending machine according to our own funds and the precision of the workpieces produced. Some manufacturers produce machines that are cheap but low in processing accuracy, and some are expensive but high in processing accuracy and durable.

2.According to the material type, thickness, length and accuracy requirements of the main parts produced by the current business, select the appropriate bending machine. Try to choose a bending machine that can meet the current production requirements of various parts, and avoid using a single-function bending machine.

3.While meeting the current production needs, it is also necessary to consider the production needs that may arise in the future. Order changes must be fully recorded, and some unexpected orders must be fully prepared so that the company has sufficient adjustment capabilities-response time should be as short as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase machines with slightly larger tonnage and longer working hours, which is conducive to business expansion. In general, it is more cost-effective to buy a larger machine with strong expandability than to add a new machine, which can effectively reduce the subsequent capital and land investment.


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