100T 3200mm CNC hydraulic press brake, steel bending machine with S530 controller

For the S530 type CNC press brake machine, the machine price is discounted, and machine precision is also higher

Also the operation is simple, can save your time and improve the working efficiency.


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WE67K series steel bending machine (press brake machine )with the crowning system for improved quality, a servo driven back gauge system for increased speed.

Also this kind steel bending machine has increased working speed, stroke, daylight, and pressing capacities of machine.

The future – as a result of rising energy costs and increasingly cost efficient speed-controlled drives offered on the market, variable-speed solutions are on the advance.

This steel bending machine is fully in accordance with European standards, high precision, high security.

Features of CNC steel bending machine

1 Direct angle programming with angle compensation function.

2 The grating ruler real-time detection feedback correction, full closed-loop control, back gauge and slider dead gauge positioning accuracy is ±0.02mm.

3 The upper mold adopts a quick clamping device, and the lower mold adopts a wedge deformation compensation mechanism.

4 With multi-step programming function, it can realize multiple automatic operation, complete the one-time processing of multi-step parts, and improve production efficiency.

5 According to user needs, can select the imported hydraulic system with stable performance and compact structure , and the back gauge can be driven by ball screw and timing belt.

Machine safety standard

EN 12622: 2009 + A1: 2013 /EN ISO 12100: 2010 /EN 60204-1: 2006 + A1: 2009
Front protection device to protect fingers (safety light curtain)
South Korea KACON foot switch (level 4 safety level)
Rear metal protection and CE standards
Safety relay monitor completes pedal switch, safety protection
Safety standard (2006/42/EC)

Main features

The whole welded machine structure achieves high rigidity; the machine designs by ANSYS software which can ensure the reliability and precision of the CNC press brake.

WE67K Series CNC press brake is redesigned based on users’ preference to increase productivity and keep the costs at minimum level with high bending accuracy and low-cost maintenance.

High quality and repetitive bending accuracy is obtained by using synchronized cylinder and proportional valves

Bending angle calculation and back gauge position calculation can be achieve by inputting metal sheet material information, sheet size and punch and die size.

Crowning system can work with CNC controller automatically to achieve higher bending accuracy and linearity. Hydraulic crowning and motorized crowing system are optional.

CNC back gauge with several axes can work with different shape work-pieces well.

S530 CNC controller

7” widescreen color LCD
Crowning system control
Selectable and programmable axes and auxiliary functions
Bending tool/material/product library
Automatic bending angle calculation
USB memory stick available on all products range
2D graphic preview for part pieces
Full hardware and software compatibility among all products range

CNC Axis Explanation

Y1 Left cylinder electro-hydraulic synchronous closed loop control axis
Y2 Right cylinder electro-hydraulic synchronous closed loop control axis
X Back gauge moving axis (back and front)
R Back gauge moving axis (up and down)
V CNC crowning axis


1System controllerDelemNetherlands
2Main motorSIEMENSGermany
3Electric componentsSCHNEIDERFrance
4Main hydraulic valveREXROTHGermany
5Hydraulic pumpSUNNYUSA
6Linear encoderGIVIItaly
7Foot switchKACONSouth Korea
8Tubing connectorEMBGermany
9Ball screw and linear guideHIWINTaiwan
10Servo motor and driverYASKAWAJapan
11Seal ringsNOKJapan
12Quick clampHARSLEChina
13CNC Punch and dieStandard Punch and 4V die or 2V die



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