HARSLE sheet metal CNC Hydraulic press brake with 3D programming





HARSLE WE67K series CNC Hydraulic press brake machine with DA69T controller. It is with high precision and high performance. The CNC press brake machine can be with 6+1 axis or 8+1 axis (if you need more, please tell me ) 

The CNC press brake machine has the CNC crowning system, it can make the compensation for the machine, let the bending sheet more flattening. For the machine back gauge, it has the servo motor, let the machine work with fast speed.

DA69T controller with 3D capable graphical control to simulate bending sequences and collision points, It increases working speeds, stroke, daylight.

Machine Safety Introduction

1 The machine two sides have the safety-fence

2 The machine backside has the door with the electrical safety switch

3 The machine has the laser protection, can protect the worker

4 The machine meets the CE standard


CNC hydraulic press brake Machine Feature

1 Fashionable design, high rigidity, high speed electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC sheet metal bending machine.

2 The electro-hydraulic full servo system, which coupled with the precise positioning of the grating ruler, and realizes full closed-loop control.

3 The hydraulic or mechanical deflection compensation of the worktable ensures the machining accuracy of the workpiece.

4 The back gauge is driven by a servo motor, driven by ball screws and guided by linear guide rails to ensure positioning accuracy.

Machine DA69T controller

3D and 2D graphical touch screen programming mode
3D visualization in simulation and production
Crowning system control
17″ high-resolution color TFT
Date backup/ restore via USB
Bending tool/material/product library
Sensor bending & correction interface
Profile-T3D offline software

CNC Hydraulic press brake machine CNC Axis Explanation

Y1                  Left cylinder electro-hydraulic synchronous closed-loop control axis
Y2                  Right cylinder electro-hydraulic synchronous closed-loop control axis
X (X1, X2)     Back gauge moving axis (back and front)
R(R1, R2)       Back gauge moving axis (up and down)
Z1, Z2            Two stop fingers moving axis (left and right)
V                   CNC crowning axis



1 System controller Delem Netherlands
2 Main motor SIEMENS Germany
3 Electric components SCHNEIDER France
4 Main hydraulic valve REXROTH Germany
5 Hydraulic pump SUNNY USA
6 Linear encoder GIVI Italy
7 Foot switch KACON South Korea
8 Tubing connector EMB Germany
9 Ball screw and linear guide HIWIN Taiwan
10 Servo motor and driver YASKAWA Japan
11 Seal rings NOK Japan
12 Quick clamp HARSLE China
13 CNC Punch and die Standard Punch and 4V die or 2V die




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