HARSLE is one of the leading press brake manufacturer in China, we offer several options in press brake machines. Genius Press Brake and Smart Press Brake all belong to CNC Electro-Hydraulic Sheet Bending Machine, Econom Press brake is torsion-bar type NC Press brake which is the economic option. HARSLE is the professional factory which endeavours to manufacture eligible machines for all customers. HARSLE Engineer can also design different types of press brake toolings for the end users job, please contact us to get an immediate quote.

Genius Press Brake

HARSLE Genius Press Brake is the top level and it features the latest technology and most advantages, DA-66T and DA-69T are widely used in this class.

Smart Press Brake

HARSLE Smart Press Brake can support Max. 4+1 Axis and higher working speed, it is the best choice to meet demands in today’s competitive markets.

Econom Press Brake

HARSLE Econom Press Brake is the best choice for the startup company to save money or anyone who wants to use the machine in the easy way.

Tandem Press Brake

Tandem Press Brake can improve work efficiency and cost-effective

Mini Press Brake

Small Bending Purpose Fast and Accurate Intelligent and Compact

  • Profesional metalworking supplier
  • High energy-saving potential
  • Decreased operating costs
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Remarkable noise reduction
  • System safety
  • Compliance with EU CE Directives
  • Decrease the number of machine failures


It is an electro hydraulic system which combines the advantages of both drive technologies: Unlike an electric drive,it is power-ful and durable thanks to hydraulic.


  • 30% increase in efficiency
  • 70% reduction in oil volume
  • 70% reduction in energy consumption
  • Easy to clean without leakage


HARSLE has chosen the very powerful new generation DELEM controller offers an higher level of efficiency in programming and control of press brakes.

DELEM DA-66T CNC Systen Features:

  • 2D graphical touch screen programming mode
  • 17″ high resolution colour TFT
  • Full Windows application suite
  • Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)
  • USB, peripheral interfacing
  • User specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment
  • Sensor bending & correction interface Profile-TL offline software






The correct back gauge for the application can have a substantial positive influence on production part volume and accuracy. The more intricate the parts, typically the more axes on the back gaugeyou should have. Volume of parts needs to be considered also. A smart, experienced brake press operator can bend, form and produce some very intricate parts without even a single axis back gauge. However, the more time it takes to form the correct part, the more costs you have in the part. So the best scenario would be to have an experienced operator with the correct back gauge system that will magnify their skills. But in today’s market, smart, experienced Press Brake operators are getting hard to find. So the correct back gauge for the application will decrease costs per part by helping to make a good press operator, a great one. The less experience an operator is the more axes you should have. Also, experienced operators know the benefit of correct back gauge for applications. HARSLE is here to consult with you on your application requirements.


The stress can cause the ram and worktable some deformation during the process of bending; the compensation device can make relevant compensation to the ram deformation, which improves the precision of press brake by a wide margin. It is specially applied to make some high precision products such as stainless steel.

Motorized Crowning​

Hydraulic Crowning


WILA’s New Standard Press Brake Tooling Systems are the benchmark in bending technology. Durable quality ensures consistent performance and the highest level of productivity in all sheet metal bending applications.


  • Extremely fast press brake tooling changes
  • Maximum control of vertical tolerances during the bending process (Tx- axis alignment)
  • Extremely accurate clamping, positioning and alignment
  • Individual clamping pins for each tool segment for superior clamping force
  • Vertical and horizontal tool loading and unloading for maximum speed and safety
  • Professional finish, including a slide rule for ease of tool positioning
  • Suitable for all press brake brands and sizes
  • Provides maximum productivity when used in combination with WILA Tooling


The laser safety system can protect the operator of the bending machine from the danger of being overstocked between the upper and lower tools. If someone enters the protected area, the beam will be blocked and the bending brake will stop immediately, effectively preventing finger crush accidents.

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