Нажми на тормоз

Гибочный инструмент листогибочного пресса

Листогибочный пресс с ЧПУ

The bending mold is a very important part of the Нажми на тормоз, and its performance is directly related to the normal operation of the entire machine. Therefore, pay great attention to the use of the mold when using the bending mold. So do you know how to test its bending effect?

What are the bending inspection skills of the press brake mold?

  1. First, confirm whether the actual board thickness and material match the drawing.
  2. Confirm the surface treatment of the materials according to the drawings. If surface treatment, electroplating, and chromium parts are not used, special attention should be paid to their appearance protection.
  3. The marking of the bending dimension should be clearly confirmed, and confirm whether the dimension includes the thickness of the plate or whether it is from the inside to the inside.
  4. RE is marked on the drawing, which is generally a reference size.
  5. For asymmetric materials, pay attention to the correctness of the bending direction during inspection.
  6. For materials with textures on the surface, such as brushed parts and brushed stainless steel, please pay attention to the direction of the texture in accordance with the figure.
  7. In the bending diagram, it is necessary to focus on controlling the size from hole to hole, the size with tolerance, and the size marked with important symbols.
  8. For the dimensions that cannot be directly measured or need to be controlled, the inspection tool must be used for control. If not, an application must be submitted.
  9. For long workpieces (>600MM), attention should be paid to the control, whether there is any bending, deviation, or poor straightness.
  10. Whether there is a convex hull on the reverse side of the bending (the upper die connects the knife).

What are the reasons for the dimensional deviation of the bending machine mold?

  1. The size is unstable and changes frequently, which may be related to factors such as machine tool power supply, servo drive, servo motor encoder and related cables, systems, screw mechanical connection, timing belt (wheel), etc.;
  2. The size has deviation, but it is stable. It is mostly related to the parallelism, straightness, parallelism and perpendicularity of the back gauge beam.
  3. When positioning by bending edge, the angle of this bend is greater than 90°, resulting in a small size.

What is the solution to the size deviation caused by the bending machine mold?

  1. After checking, the repetitive positioning accuracy of the gauge axis is generally less than 0.02mm. If the difference is large, you need to check the possible factors one by one. If it is caused by the servo drive, servo motor encoder, system, etc., it is best to be made by the manufacturer deal with;
  2. Check the parallelism and straightness of the beam first, and then check the parallelism and perpendicularity of the finger.
  3. If positioning by bending edge of листогибочный пресс, try to make this bend not more than 90°.

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