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Development of Sheet Bending Machine: Folding machine to CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake

If you heard the Press Brake Machine first time, maybe you can not connect it with the sheet bending machine.

Now lets us learn the development of the sheet bending machine

What is the definition of sheet bending ?

Under the pressure of the upper or lower die of the bending machine, the sheet metal and the inner surface of the V-groove of the lower die

gradually with the pressure of the upper die or the lower die to make the upper die and the plate three points Close to full contact, to make a V-shaped bend completed at this time, which commonly known as bending.

The development of bending machines

Sheet bending machines range from manual folding machines to electric folding machines at the beginning.

As people’s requirements for bending sheets are getting higher and higher, the thickness and length of the sheets are getting larger and larger, so hydraulic bending machines have appeared.

The bending force of the bending machine far exceeds that of the folding machine, which satisfies the bending of large equipment such as aerospace and ships.

Up to now, some large factories have higher requirements for bending accuracy and bending automation, so fully automatic CNC bending machines have appeared.

Manual folding machine

This machine tool adopts the lower knife to fix, the upper knife to press tightly, and then use the principle of turning over the folding plate for folding.

This machine tool widely use for bending and flange steel plates, non-ferrous metal plates and stainless steel plates.

It widely favor by many customers at home and abroad for its lightness,

energy saving, high work efficiency, multiple production, wide application range, and easy handling.

Electric folding machine

This machine is a general-purpose thin plate folding machine, which can bend into a variety of different cross-sectional shapes after one or more folding steps and at the same time change the cutter as needed.

It widely use in the manufacturing of automobiles, ships, electrical appliances, kitchenware and air-conditioning and ventilation equipment.

The body is all welded with high-quality steel plates. Compact structure, high strength, sturdy and durable, beautiful and generous, safe and reliable, simple operation; convenient adjustment, maintenance and maintenance.

Hydraulic NC bending machine

The machine adopts an all-steel welded structure, which has sufficient strength and rigidity, and through aging treatment, ensures the overall accuracy of the machine tool for long-term use.

It adopts a large floor boring and milling machine, and uses one-time processing method for precision processing to ensure processing accuracy.

Working principle

Two oil cylinders use to realize the up and down movement of the slider, thereby providing the bending force required for bending the sheet.

The mold of the bending machine can replace to meet the needs of various workpieces.

Electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC press brake

The machine adopts an all-steel integral welded structure, and eliminates internal stress through normalizing and high-frequency vibration,

ensuring the overall accuracy of the machine tool, with excellent rigidity, and excellent anti-torsion and anti-tilting capabilities.

The thickened worktable and the thickened sliding block make the whole machine have high rigidity, so the sliding block and worktable deform very little when bending,

and the workpiece has excellent straightness and angular consistency.


1.The bending process which automatically calculated.

2.The blanking length of the bending workpiece can be automatically calculated.

3. The computer automatically calculates the current and target positions of each bending angle and each axis.

4. The size of the bending pressure will also automatically calculate and adjust by the computer

along with the length or thickness of the workpiece.

5. According to the bending pressure automatically calculate and adjust by the computer,

the deflection compensation of the working table automatically calculate and adjust, which is fast and accurate.

As the requirements of the sheet bending machine and the development of the technology,

the machine evolved from manual folding machine to electric folding machine ,

and then become today widely using hydraulic press brake machine.

No matter what it is , the press brake is the machine for bending sheet , just like the show in below video

About how to choose the suitable sheet bending machine, you can according to your production requirement and then decide. Also you can calculate the bending force you need in our website

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