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Street light pole production process

CNC press brake

Street light pole is an important part of urban lighting construction, and street light poles are also an important part of led street lights. Many people don’t understand the production process of street light bend. Let’s HARSLE take you to understand the production of street light poles Craft.

Simple rolling and flat production line

It is mainly to unroll the steel coils, flatten them and cut them to the required size. The system consists of six parts: decoiler and side guide, flattening machine, shearing device, stacker, and electrical system. It is especially suitable for the opening and leveling of pole materials such as street lamp poles and flag poles.

Steel plate oblique shear production line

It is suitable for the longitudinal shear processing of long shear plates, and the length of the shear plates can be adjusted arbitrarily. With high labor productivity, the plate which need to cut , it press on the walking device through hydraulic steel, and the disc knife with rotate and cut.

The plate which need to cut with the running of the walking device. When pressing the material, place the plate diagonally according to the required size, and the tapered plate can be cut. It is especially suitable for the cutting of light poles and flag poles.

Light pole forming press brake machine

The equipment consists of two press brake machine, dual-stage linkage, realizes synchronous work, and need to equip with different lamp pole molds at random, which can be suitable for the production of street lamp poles, flag poles, high pole lights, etc.

When used in the production of conical light poles, install a conical mold , and the utility model need to bend with multiple blades, and the last one which need to bend in the middle, and forming a conical light pole . Then use the light pole rolling machine to pull out the light pole;

when you need to produce polygonal light poles, sign poles and high-pole lights, install a special polygonal mold, multi-bend bending, and finally bend a knife in the middle, forming a multi-deformed light pole, and then pull out the light pole with a rod reeling machine.

Automatic seam welding production line

The equipment which composed of a main machine head, a traction bed, and a feeder hood. The traction machine body need to move by the traction chuck on the moving trolley to clamp the steel steel big head trolley, and push the steel rod from the small head to the big head. The jaws move at a constant speed under the grip.

The big end of the steel rod need to hijack by the loosening of the steel rod trolley, and the guide wheel on the machine head realizes the automatic seam. While the steel rod is seam, the welder starts to weld up and down. This equipment adopts automatic welding and automatic flux recovery.

The welding seam is uniform, continuous and beautiful, strong penetration, seam welding which need to form at one time.

The welding efficiency is high, and the welding speed is 23 m/min, which is 3 times that of gas shielded welding,

It is the fastest welding speed in the domestic light pole industry. , Good effect, lowest price equipment.

This equipment mainly welds street lamp poles and flag poles. Generally, sign poles and high pole lights with larger pole bodies do not use this equipment. Sign poles and high pole lights with larger poles generally don’t use this device.

Steel pipe straightening machine

The device has a simple and compact structure and is convenient. In specific operations, the steel rod can place on the pressure mold, and it can hand by a person, and press by the button.

The straightness of the steel pole which controlled by manual visual inspection, and the efficiency is high. The equipment can straighten any shape of street lamp poles, sign poles, flag poles and high pole lights, and the head is full circle.


The equipment uses the rotation of the steel rod and the movement of the polishing machine to implement automatic feeding. The polishing machine which equipped with a sanding belt, which rubs on the surface.

It can polish the appearance of galvanized rods. It has fast speed, simple operation, high efficiency, saves personnel and energy, and saves consumables.It is the first choice for polishing and polishing various rod surfaces.

Pipe bending machine

According to design requirements, needs to bend the head of some street light poles ,

that is, self-bending arm street light poles, which composed of a main board and a bending die.

Equipped with two sets of molds, the straight mold which cleaned by the reducer, and the steel pipe pressed on the round mold need to bend along the round mold. The operation is simple and does not require heating and fillers. The upper part of the conical street light pole can be directly bent, which is economical and economical and is a necessary equipment for street light pole manufacturers.

Electrostatic spraying production line

The chamber body which mainly made up of cold-rolled steel plates folded and assembled. It has a simple structure and easy cleaning.

It adopts a side suction exhaust device and equipped with a dust-proof lighting lamp. Then facilitate spraying operations.

It adopts an assembled type, outsourcing corrugated board.

And the oven has a tight appearance, firmness, beauty, and good heat insulation. The temperature is controlled by conventional electrical appliances, and the hot air circulation is used to ensure the uniform temperature in the furnace and fully meet the curing requirements of 180℃±5℃ for powder.

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