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Các kỹ thuật tạo viền của Máy Phanh Máy CNC là gì?

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Under certain pressure, we can use the press brake machine to bend the plate. Because it needs to bend many kinds of plates, and the pressure is also great, it says that after the equipment bending The board can bend according to user requirements, and the efficiency is also high.

1.Check whether the mold of the nhấn phanh adjust? If it cannot press, it is likely that the mold has damaged. At this time, replace the mold in time.

2.You can try to equip the customer with a pair of sharp knives and a pair of flattening knives. After bending with a machine-pointed knife, use the flattening knife to shoot.

3.By directly modifying the height of the mold of the bending machine, the down position of the machine tool can control to achieve the function of blanking.

4.Press a small angle such as 45°, and then press directly with a flattening die.

Hemming is a technical activity, requiring the user to master the relevant skills and be able to master the use of the bending machine. In addition to appropriately increasing the pressure, we can also adjust by changing the mold. You also need to be careful about pressing the edge, and then operate it after seeing it clearly.

How to exhaust the hydraulic cylinder of the bending machine ? In fact, some numerical control equipment is often used in the entire industrial production.

Not only can people use it to reduce some manual operations when they are used for production and processing, but also can improve efficiency. If air enters the bending machine, it will become abnormal and cannot be used normally.

How to vent the hydraulic cylinder?

1.The mixed air will cause the operating speed of the bending machine to be abnormal, and sometimes the seal will burn out due to uninterrupted high-pressure operation.

Therefore, it is necessary to exhaust the hydraulic cylinder. First reduce the operating pressure to about 1MPa, and then start the hydraulic cylinder of the bending machine, at this time the piston will have repeated strokes.

2.Observe whether the vibration of the CNC bending machine is severe or not. While the piston is moving alternately, it is necessary to cover the air exhaust port with a piece of gauze, and at the same time the valve of the CNC bending machine opens and closes for exhaust. Do exhaust work well.

Be sure to keep the hydraulic cylinder in a sealed state, exhaust air and prevent air from entering the hydraulic cylinder. This is also in order for the bending machine to bend various plates more accurately, and also to maintain the normal speed. The oil-electric hybrid CNC bending machine should pay attention to the operation process during use.

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