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CNC press brake machine adopts the technology of dual servo motors to directly control the oil pump, and the pump control replaces the valve control, which reduces the throttling loss, the temperature rise is small, and the service life of the oil is prolonged. The positioning accuracy can reach 5μm, reaching the international first-class level, meeting the needs of most high-precision bending processes, and providing a guarantee for subsequent welding, riveting, splicing, and other processes.

CNC DA66T Press Brake Machine
CNC DA66T Press Brake Machine

The servo motor can stop working when the system does not need flow or pressure function, reducing noise (≤70dB) and improving the working environment.

Bộ bơm Servo
Bộ bơm Servo

The CNC hybrid press brake can significantly save energy, save fuel, improve bending efficiency, reduce the risk of oil leakage, reduce installation costs, extend the service life of consumables, improve bending accuracy, reduce noise, and improve the working environment. Both the boss and the bending operator are processing tools worthy of attention.

Compared with the traditional CNC press brake, the CNC hybrid press brake saves about 50% of energy, and the total volume of the fuel tank is only 110L, which is about 70% more fuel-efficient than the traditional CNC press brake.

DA66T Press Brake
DA66T Press Brake

The core configuration such as the area ratio of the upper and lower chambers of the oil cylinder, the size of the oil pump, the power of the main servo motor, the form and size of the filling valve, and the integrated response of the oil circuit are optimized, which reduces the cycle time and improves the efficiency by more than 30%.

What Are The Factors to Choose Hybrid CNC Press Brake?

In recent years, with the upgrading and development of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the sheet metal forming industry, as well as the rapid growth of the demand for automated products and equipment, the demand for CNC sheet metal bending machine products in the domestic and foreign markets has increased year by year, among which the thin plate precision forming processing field. The demand for high-precision and high-reliability CNC press brake is particularly prominent. Most of these industries are in a period of rapid development, such as the high-end door industry, curtain wall decoration materials, electrical switch cabinets, electronic cabinets, home appliances, and kitchenware, environmental protection equipment, and communication equipment.

Kẹp thủy lực WILA
Kẹp thủy lực WILA

Most of the production requirements of sheet metal parts in these industries have the following characteristics: complex structure, high matching precision, beautiful surface, etc. In order to meet these characteristics, the bending machine needs to have higher performance and more functions.
The performance innovation of the hybrid CNC press brake improves the quality of customers’ products and adds more benefits for customers.

  • Optimization analysis by finite element

The new rigid structure design is adopted to minimize the influence of the deformation of the frame slider on the quality of the workpiece. High-precision two-way adjustment of mechanical deflection compensation is applied, and the use of high-precision molds can effectively improve the bending accuracy and stability of the workpiece.

The effect of workpiece bending accuracy, the angle accuracy reaches ±20′; the straightness accuracy reaches: ≤0.7mm/3m full length.

Bộ điều khiển CNC DA66T
Bộ điều khiển CNC DA66T
  • Innovative hydraulic system applications

Increase operating speed, efficiency and reduce energy consumption. That is, the main motor adopts the servo motor to replace the ordinary AC motor as the main power source, and uses the high speed, strong overload capacity, and controllable speed of the servo motor to cooperate with the small displacement oil pump to achieve the high speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption of running.

The advantage of low-temperature rise is that it can prolong the service life of hydraulic components and hydraulic oil, reduce the failure rate, improve the reliability of machine tool operation, reduce the user’s maintenance cost, and increase the user’s benefit.

Van thủy lực
Van thủy lực
  • Functional innovation to improve customer experience

A good product not only has high performance and excellent quality, but also needs to be able to provide customers with a good user experience, reduce labor intensity for them, increase operational convenience, and improve operational efficiency.

  1. Multi-functional quick clamps are used to replace ordinary quick clamps, and the function of two-level mold loading and unloading is added. Not only can the whole mold be loaded and unloaded from the side, but also the segmented molds can be quickly loaded and unloaded from the front, which reduces the time and operation intensity of replacing the mold. The efficiency of changing molds is improved.
  2. The back gauge finger adopts special material and heat treatment method to improve the hardness and wear resistance, and local hardening treatment eliminates the problem of long-term use of the hammer head to hit the die, and the scale display of front and rear fine-tuning is added to facilitate the front and rear of the finger. Adjustment to improve positioning accuracy and stability.
  3. Equipped with a newly designed aluminum alloy front support frame, which can freely adjust the upper and lower positions, and can move left and right along the linear guide rail to adapt to different molds and workpieces. The bracket table is inlaid with multiple rows of brushes, which can effectively protect the surface of the board from being scratched. A scale is installed on the surface, which is convenient for customers to bend workpieces that cannot be positioned by the back gauge.
Phôi uốn
Phôi uốn

What Are The Advantages of CNC Sheet Follower?

When the CNC Hybrid press brake is working, especially bending thin plates or wider sheet metal parts, in order to prevent the deformation of the workpiece and ensure the machining accuracy, the operator is often required to manually support the material, and sometimes it is impossible to rely on manual labor. In order to obtain a satisfactory effect, it is particularly important to follow the front feeding mechanism at this time.

In order to meet market demand, major brands of sheet metal bending machines have successively launched various models of follow-up front support mechanisms. On the whole, most of the follow-up front support mechanisms of the bending machine adopt the crank connecting rod mechanism controlled by the electro-hydraulic servo. The action of the crank connecting rod mechanism relies on the numerical control system to control the opening size of the proportional servo valve to adjust the amount of oil in the cylinder, thereby controlling the synchronization of the moving speed of the carrier and the bending speed of the sheet. Relatively speaking, its mechanical action is complex, and hydraulic cylinders are required for electro-hydraulic control.

The manufacturing cost is high, and the motion trajectory is difficult to control. The whole structure of the front feeding mechanism: the power drive of the machine is mainly given by two servo motors. For molds with different heights, in order to keep the upper plane of the front support mechanism flap and the upper plane of the lower mold on the same level, the servo motor can transmit power through the pulley to drive the lead screw to drive the entire slide to move up and down.

CNC Sheet Follower
CNC Sheet Follower

In the process of sheet metal processing, the bending of large plates has always been a headache. Because the size of the plate is relatively large and the weight of the plate is relatively large, it often takes 3 to 4 people to fold a workpiece, which costs a lot of money. Not to mention the manpower, the precision of the workpiece produced by doing this is relatively low, and the operator is also relatively tired. The follow-up material support device solves this problem very well, which not only saves labor, but also improves production efficiency, and the precision of the workpiece is also much higher.

What Are The advantages of Robot Arms For Hybrid Press Brake?

The CNC sheet bending flexible processing unit with a robot as the core execution component is a set of highly automated equipment combinations, which has the advantages of high efficiency, high quality, and high flexibility. In the bending flexible processing unit, selecting the appropriate component combination can provide better support for processing efficiency and flexibility. The bending accuracy depends on the accuracy of the bending machine itself, the positioning accuracy of the robot, and the collaborative control between the robot and the bending machine; the difficulty of collaborative control lies in the speed matching between the robot and the bending machine, and the running track of the robot supporting the workpiece; poor The following effect will seriously affect the bending angle forming effect and the flatness of the board surface, thereby affecting the quality of the finished product.

CNC Bending Equipment
CNC Bending Equipment

At present, whether it is a general-purpose standard six-axis robot, a robot arm span, or a bending-specific robot optimized for the bending process in shape, it needs the support of the bending to follow the algorithm, and there are very few cases that do not follow the bending. If there is no good follow-up effect, the clamp or suction cup gripper will pull the workpiece due to the poor follow-up trajectory, forming sheet wrinkles, and affecting the forming quality. Establishing an accurate robot bending following motion model is helpful to establish a good following trajectory algorithm, so as to obtain an excellent following effect.

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