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What You Must Know About CNC Panel Bender

CNC panel bender 1

CNC panel bender focuses on solving various complex sheet metal bending problems in metal forming. Through multi-axis concurrent linkage, sheet metal operations are automatically completed, and the dependence on molds and labor is solved from a technical point of view, effectively improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

CNC Panel Bender
CNC Panel Bender

Bending is a process of folding and bending a flat panel, which follows the cutting process in the entire processing chain. The workpiece is placed on a die with a V-shaped opening. The wedge-shaped tool (upper tool) presses the workpiece into the V-shaped opening and in this way bends the sheet to the desired angle. Every precise bend contains the ultimate craftsmanship.

Today’s CNC bending machines are developing rapidly in the application and flexibility of CNC systems, CAD, and CAPP. CNC bending machines have an extremely important role and unlimited development prospects in the forming and processing of modern sheet metal parts. In the face of the new situation in the machine tool industry, I believe that CNC bending machines will definitely be better developed, better for product manufacturers to improve production efficiency, and promote the progress of the machine tool industry.

CNC Bending Tooling
CNC Bending Tooling

With the birth of the concept of “Industry 4.0”, my country’s automatic CNC bending machine series machine tool industry has good growth potential in the future, and there is a large space for import substitution. From the development prospect forecast report of China’s bending machine tool industry, we can understand the economic type of domestic application. Bending machine tools are basically domestic products, which just point out the clear direction for China’s manufacturing and processing industry, and get the title of “world factory”. China’s manufacturing and processing industry are forced to seek changes.

Panel Bending Machine
Panel Bending Machine

The CNC panel bender is a high-tech product developed and produced for the sheet metal industry to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and enhance corporate image. The equipment has the following features:

  1. Industry 4.0 architecture, which can be upgraded smoothly
  2. High speed
  3. Rapid prototyping of workpieces with high consistency
  4. Low power consumption
  5. Simple maintenance and low cost
  6. The high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor requirements
  7. No need for tooling, complex shapes (right angles, non-right angles folded up or down) can be freely designed and produced at any time
  8. Applicable materials are wide, mainly stainless steel, cold-rolled sheet, aluminum sheet
  9. Compatible with various loading and unloading methods: manual loading and unloading, truss robot loading and unloading, and robotic arm loading and unloading are optional
  10. The CNC panel bender has a wealth of software and hardware interfaces, which can be connected to conventional robotic arms on the market. The specific selection can be selected according to the actual needs of the demand
  11. The control system realizes the true nine-axis (11-axis) concurrent linkage, the bending action is smooth, and the mechanical operation is highly coordinated
  12. The CNC panel bender eccentric load detection system, eccentric load follow-up system, and thick plate detection system can effectively protect the machine, protect the workpiece and reduce the waste of the workpiece
  13. The cloud operation and maintenance management system can monitor the operation of the machine in real-time
  14. Friendly man-machine interface, easy to understand, flexible programming
  15. For workpieces with non-standard dimensions, different positioning datums can be selected according to the shape of the workpiece, and the shearing error of the sheet is controlled on the first bending edge to ensure dimensional accuracy after forming.

Characteristics of CNC Panel Bender

The main body of the CNC panel bender adopts a hybrid drive system and a high-efficiency bending system, which can be configured with step-by-step bending, three-dimensional programming, offline control, automatic operation of the manipulator, integrated servo pump system, three cylinders to compensate pressure at the same time, high-speed rear gear material matching high-speed hydraulic system, the overall efficiency is higher. Easily realize complex sheet metal bending requirements such as arcs, dead edges, loops, and closed shapes.

Bending Machine
Bending Machine
  • Difficulties in traditional processing

The biggest difference between a single-sided bending machine and a CNC bending center is the difference in production efficiency. CNC bending center is formed at one time, and unilateral bending requires workers to adjust one direction when bending.

  • Advantages of CNC panel bender

The unique control system of the multilateral bending center allows the bending knife to perform complex and unique forward bending and realize precise multi-angle bending, semi-open blanking, and other forming technologies. At the same time, the automatically adjustable bending die and the adaptive bending compensation technology ensure high efficiency and high quality without changing the die.

The biggest advantage of the one-shot molding of the polygonal bending center is to improve production efficiency. Since the single-sided bending machine needs to manually adjust the direction and then bend, a lot of work time is wasted. In theory, the operating efficiency of the multilateral flexible bending machine is 4 times that of the single-sided bending machine.

Bending Parts
Bending Parts
  • Fully automatic and fast production

Flexible use of lap joints, no need for welding and splicing; suitable for small batch and multi-variety production.

CNC bending center can be used in new energy, home appliances, electric power, western kitchen, elevator, communication, network computer cabinet, medical machinery, fashion home, sheet metal processing, etc.

Machine Function
Machine Function

How to Choose Robot Bending Unit And CNC Panel Bender?

With the rapid development of sheet metal products in the direction of automation and intelligence, the application of robot bending cells and flexible bending centers is becoming more and more popular, so how should enterprises choose?

Robotic bending unit

  • Robot bending saves labor

The biggest advantage of using robots to bend is to save labor. One robot can save 1-2 labor, save the cost of management personnel, and reduce the operating costs and risks of enterprises.

  • How long does the robot bending work?

Using robots with CNC bending machines to bend, the working time can be extended. In the current domestic blacklight factories, robots are used for mass production when workers are resting at night, and robots do not need to rest.

  • Robot bending without risk of industrial injury

The CNC bending machine bending industry is a dangerous industry, and workers will have some accidents during operation and cause work-related accidents.

CNC Press Brake With Robot
CNC Press Brake With Robot

CNC panel bender

  1. The flexible bending center can work independently and can efficiently produce parts of various specifications.
  2. The general mold can be adjusted automatically according to the size set by the program without any adjustment time, which ensures the safety of the operator and the quality of the product.
  3. The universal bending tool does not require mold change time, it is adjusted in real-time according to the length of the workpiece to ensure the quality of the workpiece.
  4. The positioning process is done only once at the beginning of the entire bend, operating at the beginning of the cycle, stopping at the beginning, and rotating the part in a controlled manner. Sheet clamping and rotation remain unchanged during the bending cycle, and due to continuous rotation, 0.01° angular resolution is guaranteed for high production flexibility.
  5. The flexible servo bending center minimizes manual intervention and makes the best use of available resources. Fully autonomous operation after initial offline programming.
Working Area
Working Area

Conclusion: Robot bending has advantages in many aspects. If a certain type of product is in great demand and the structure of the product is relatively simple, then the advantages of robot bending are obvious, which can save a lot of costs for enterprises. The flexible bending center is more suitable for box-shaped workpieces, large-sized sheets, and small-sized complex sheets. Both of these two products have achieved automatic bending. They have their own advantages, and different types of enterprises need to choose according to their own conditions and different products and production modes.

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